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Toddler with a Crown Part 3

Humor and laughter are one of the best gifts in life! I love this comic by Calvin and Hobbs because I can relate.  These days I am getting more and more selective about the reality I accept. There is only ONE TRUE reality, and it’s Christ’s! It only truly matters how He sees everything. This is important for us to understand when we try to understand the soul’s use and purpose.

We all have a soul life that’s in need of retraining so it can function as it was intended. Sometimes we can get a little confused as to what’s happening with our souls when we begin our walk with Christ. If we can get down to the heart of it all, we see Christ loves and wants to save the soul. He created it, and it’s actually a vital organ needed to express Him. But it needs to be retrained, so that it can express Him. I do truly believe deep down most Christians long to be the image and expression of Christ. Sometimes seeing something from a different perspective can help. As we begin to see the true purpose of the soul and its function, then we can begin to cooperate with the Lord in His retraining program.

So have you ever wondered how Jesus views the soul? Or how He managed his own soul? Do you know the gift we’ve been given to help manage our soul life during its time of retraining? Well, then I invite you to read part 3 of Toddler with a Crown over at Unite the Tribe.



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