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Toddler with a Crown Part 1

Sadly it’s not uncommon to hear about how children or adults are bullied in today’s world. It use to be just that bully at school. That one person who would give you a hard time, push you around, maybe even hit you. I was bullied when I was in school; called names because of my physical appearance. It’s not fun! I do not take this topic lightly. It is a serious thing to be bullied by someone. So I am going to talk about a type of bullying that you may have never thought of before.

As believers, we are bullied every day by a part of ourselves. It beats us up and calls us names. It feeds us thoughts that hit us with condemning thoughts, thoughts of unworthiness, thoughts of you’ll never measure up and thoughts of you will never succeed. It will twist other people’s words and our circumstances to solidify its case against us.  Everyone who has ever drawn breath has had some experience of this type of bullying.

For the believer, it can become 1000 times worse because there is a battle that is going on within us over the transformation of our soul.

You see when you are born again, anew from above, you start out as a spiritual baby. It’s the same in the spiritual as in the physical, in that, you are not fully grown in the spirit at the moment of your second birth. You must grow up in the spirit just as you did in the physical. There are places where scripture calls us spiritual babes, babes in Christ.

At your spiritual birth is the point when your human spirit was awakened and was infused and fused with the person of the Spirit. You are now one with the triune God!

We see this is in 1 Corinthians 6:17 when Paul reminds them,

But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him.

It is at this moment you’ve become a new creation, humanity infused and fused with the fullness of GOD. He has imparted His divine nature to you and clothed you with Himself.

you may become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world by lust. 2 Peter 1:4

                              put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness. Eph 4:24

So what does all this have to do with bullying, you ask? To which I reply, Good question! Allow me to elaborate.

God’s intention from before the beginning, was to have His life within us, to be partakers of His divine nature. So this would mean that He could subdue and rule the earth with us, through our human spirit. Our God-infused spirit was to be the seat of the heavenly government, the one who would call the shots. Our thoughts would be God’s thoughts and our ways would be God’s way. Then our souls and body would give expression to everything God wanted to accomplish through and with Humanity. We would be co-ruling the earth together through the rudder of our spirit.

He still longs and desires to co-rule the earth together. So He provided a way in His son Jesus Christ to accomplish His goal, His eternal purpose. Through the death and resurrection of Christ, God is now able to dispense Christ into all who choose to allow Him to inhabit them.

The soul is the seat of our mind, will, and emotions. When the soul is under the submission of our spirit, then we would express the mind of God, the will of God, and the emotions of God. At the fall things fell out of order, our souls became the ruling presence within us and our spirit fell dormant. There was no longer a way through for the Lord.

Because at the fall, we partook of a different nature, a nature that states I can rule independent of God because I can, now, know what’s good and evil for myself. This nature was the antithesis to God’s nature. God’s nature is one of divine dependence, a dependence that knows it could accomplish everything on His own without humanity but chooses to allow us to participate with Him. God and humanity were to be dependent upon each other working in concert together to have dominion, rule, and expression over all the earth, not just in Eden.

A Time of Setting Things Right

You see your soul is the bully. It is reluctant and clueless that a new heavenly government has moved in and taken up residence within you, at the moment of your spiritual birth. The soul is accustom to working independent of God and sees no need to consult God for anything. It has been conditioned to be the one who calls the shots in exerting its mind, will and emotions.

When in truth, it is the organ of the soul that is to be at the disposal of God through humanity, and when set in its right place is able to express the sovereign rule and image of Christ Himself.

At our spiritual birth, the spirit of God, in concert with our human spirit, will take back the ground of the soul then on out to the body. God is within us working from the inside out to set things right again.

During this process, our souls can act like a bully by telling us what to think, do, and feel, and these thoughts and actions are usually contrary to the nature and character of God. It can bully us into thinking and doing all types of things.

Repurposed and Retooled

Currently, the soul is in the process of being retooled and repurposed so that it can work in symphony with GOD. I picture the soul as a toddler, throwing tantrums, pouting, screaming, and crying when it doesn’t get its way.

I know we have seen this in public or experienced this in our own children. They just don’t understand why they can’t hit that other kid, stay up as late as they want, or eat whatever they want. Sometimes you have no idea what will send a child into a tantrum. At times, as a parent, you can feel powerless against this very small toddler. Toddlers think they can decide for themselves what is good and evil but they really have no clue so they fight against their parents. Does that behavior sound familiar?

Our souls do the same thing acting out like a toddler when it cannot do what it wants, or feel what it wants, or think what it wants. Just as much as a toddler does not yet have the capacity to understand things, neither does the soul in its current infantile state. It needs to grow up and come to know who is truly in charge so it can become what it was intended to be, an organ at the disposal of God to express His Christ. Until it can understand, it fights against God and us, during this time of retraining and retooling.

Temper Tantrums of the Soul


For example, when we are presented with a situation that we are asked to forgive! Our soul will tell us all the reasons we don’t need to or cannot forgive. It will tell us,

  • You don’t have the power to forgive
  • It hurts too much to forgive so you will always hurt and hold a grudge.
  • It means you’re giving them permission to continue to hurt you.
  • Forgiving does not change their behavior but holding the hurt over them will.
  • You have every right to continue to feel this hurt because what they did was unforgivable.
  • You have to wait until you FEEL like forgiving
You’re Not New

Another example is when the soul is bullying you into thinking your not a new creation in Christ. It will point out all the times you screw up and what a miserable failure you are. You will hear things like,

  • Look, you got angry, depressed, or anxious again, how can you be new, you’ll never overcome your anger, depression or anxiety.
  • If you’re so new then why are you…fill in the blank.
  • You’re too selfish to truly care about the interest of God
  • There is not enough blood to make you holy, righteous, or blameless before God.
  • Are you sure God has made you New?
Our Laws

Keeping our set of laws is a big area where the soul will bully us and imprison us. You can hear,

  • You didn’t read your bible, pray, or spend time with the Lord today, how can you be holy?
  • He will only love and be close to you when you do those things.
  • God will only accept you when you don’t eat that meat, wear certain clothes, or go to the right places.
  • You sin too much for God to love and accept you!
  • Christ is not enough to help you keep God’s ways and law.
  • God just wants to make you into a robot to do His bidding. So you need the Law so you don’t get duped by Him.

No More Bullying

But I am here to say, don’t allow yourself to be bullied any longer!! Just say NO to the Bullying! The Lord started His Anti- Bullying Campaign while He was living and walking in His human form. He said pick up your cross and deny the self/soul life and all its uprising. He still continues it today!

The soul is just a toddler throwing a tantrum. It still needs to grow up. And our Father is the perfect parent. He is giving us permission and power through His CHRIST to deny the soul and all its tantrums. He says deny it, turn, and give me your soul, every time. I know how to manage the soul’s tantrums and outbursts of independence.

I entreat and give you permission to deny any thought, action, or emotion that is contrary to my nature, character, and purpose.

But wait, there is more! This is a three part series, so stay tuned!

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  1. Reply
    September 22, 2016 at 10:00 am

    Awesome! Absolutely love this correlation of the flesh being a bully!

    1. Reply
      Carrie Walters
      September 22, 2016 at 6:28 pm

      Thanks! Love and miss you!!
      Carrie Walters recently posted…Jesus vs. ChristMy Profile

  2. Reply
    September 22, 2016 at 5:16 pm

    This is awesome sister! What good news we have in this incredible Christ! “I entreat and give you permission to deny any thought, action, or emotion that is contrary to my nature, character, and purpose.” – woohoo!!!our emancipation!
    Donna recently posted…Are You Really Vulnerable? My Profile

    1. Reply
      Carrie Walters
      September 22, 2016 at 6:30 pm

      Thanks, and amen Christ sure is incredible!
      Carrie Walters recently posted…Jesus vs. ChristMy Profile

      1. Reply
        Jeffrey Harley
        October 2, 2016 at 6:25 pm

        I love how the Lord has you using the metaphor(?) of a bully in describing the process of sanctification. This is really good!! Thank you!??

  3. Reply
    October 2, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    Personally, it’s what it feels like sometimes. Glad you liked it! If you’re interested there are 2 more parts to the post and you can find them on Thanks for stopping by and commenting, we love to hear from people.

  4. Reply
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