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Time (a New Year’s Revelation)

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

So often we think that we should put things off until we have “time.” I often think that I have plenty of time to get things done. This can include small things like washing the truck or organizing the toolbox. It can also include bigger things like finishing my masters degree or financial planning for retirement. But it can encompass things like calling a loved one, spending time with my wife, doing an activity with my children, or making myself available for someone else. It also includes enjoying life and dreaming!

We should not assume we have all the time in the world.

This fact was thrown in my face about a year ago when my only blood brother died unexpectedly. Everything has flooded my thoughts since that time. But they boil down to: Did I spend enough time with him when he was alive? I could have called him more, spent more time with him, been more available to him. He knew that I loved him dearly. While this may not be the sole point of these ramblings, the importance of letting those that you care about know it cannot be minimized.

I have been reminded of this fact frequently as I care for men and woman at a hospital. Let me explain: There are men and woman who physically are older but are more active than those younger than themselves. Conversely, there are men and woman who physically are younger but act as if they are significantly older than their peers. I am not talking about physical limitations, although that often does not interfere with how they live their lives. I am talking about an individual’s mental age. To look in someone’s eyes and see either regret or fulfillment in how they have lived their lives pulls at the heart strings.

Children also remind me of the fact that time flies. It seems like only yesterday that they were in the car seat, and today, they are starting to drive.

Do we ask the Lord what He wants to do with our time?

What really matters is doing what the Lord asks when He asks it. If we say things like, “in the Lord’s timing,” then we need to be ready to move, speak, display Him any time!

If I really believe that my life is not my own, then my time is not mine to order.

“Yet those who wait* on Jehovah will renew their strength. They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and will not become weary. They will walk and will not faint.” ~ Isaiah 40:31

*wait (Strongs H6960 ) = wait, hope, gather together, anticipate

This waiting is not to sit around until the sweet bye and bye. It is active. The hope is not in ourselves, it is in the One who we have given our life over to: Christ who is life and who orders our entire being. We have been transformed into a new creation.

What does that mean for you?

Ask Him today. Believe that Christ’s life inside you will respond. Do not be afraid of the answer. He will not only sustain you but give you grace and power to soar with Him. This is so much more than bringing meaning to your life. This is living by an indwelling life that has transformed you. Do not put off seeking His life for you today. Please do not wait until you feel like you have more time to weigh this decision. Speak life to those around you and allow His regeneration to permeate their lives.

Featured Image Credit: “The time is gone, the song is over” by Flickr user rockandrollfreak (cc)

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