Church Planting

Who Is Involved?

Primarily speaking, Christ is involved in the building of His Church. The major players in Church Planting are God the Father, Christ the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Church.

Specifically, several bloggers here at are Christian workers involved in Church Planting. Bridget and R.C. Babione, and Carrie Walters, and her husband, Andrew, are currently in the field working with God in Austin, Texas. Thomas Fortson is currently in Nashville awaiting the Lord’s timing to head to Pennsylvania to work with Floshea Harrigan, and her husband, Kalil, who are currently meeting with a group in Philadelphia.

What Is Church planting?

Quite simply, for our intents and purposes, Church Planting refers to the work of planting natural, organic expressions of Jesus Christ. We also sometimes call this establishing a heavenly colony on earth. To give it a more rudimentary definition, this is the act of starting a local church and equipping her to function under the direct Headship of Jesus Christ without any hierarchy of human leadership.

When Is It Happening?

Truly, the Lord has had a testimony of His Eternal Purpose through the centuries. More specifically, however, this is happening as you read these words. 🙂

Where Is This Happening?

Heavenly colonies exist all over the world. Specific groups with which we have contact and some level of involvement are located in the U.S., Africa, and Australia.

Why This Is Important?

The religious institutional system has long been broken. Christ broke it over 2000 years ago when He implemented the New Covenant. Man, however, has not given up his quest to please God in his own efforts, and today’s “church” looks a lot different than it did originally. Man has built his system, but Christ builds His Church. Church Planting allows for the Life of Christ to move and raise up His Bride when and where He chooses.

How This Is Done?

Church Planting is accomplished in a plethora of ways. Each expression is established according to the leading of the Holy Spirit, but God does have a pattern He likes to use. Typically, He sends a Christian worker to plant the church. God may send the worker(s) to a group who has been meeting for a while, or to a town or city to start something from scratch.

A worker is one who has been called, prepared, and sent to do this work of the Lord. A worker is one who has fallen in love with God and His purpose and allows the Lord to do a work in him/her through His cross. To be honest, we have found that the Lord is more concerned with the worker than He is the work. That simply means that the Lord looks to our heart, our inner man, and determines if He has a home, a place where He can have His will done His way. Trust us, it ain’t easy to do God’s will His way.

The worker’s task is simply to lay a foundation of Christ alone. The Lord does the work. There is a clearing of anything already built, so that Christ may be the ground upon which the church is built. Then, the foundation of Christ is laid on the ground of Christ. After that, the building of Christ is done on that foundation of Christ. Again, Christ builds His Church.

 Other Resources

For a fuller definition and description of Church Planting and more information on natural, organic expressions of Jesus Christ, we recommend the following resources:

Contact a Christian Worker

Are you currently part of a group looking for outside help? Are you alone but hoping to see something raised up in your neck of the woods? Feel free to reach out and contact us. To do so, please fill out this form.

Funding the Work of Church Planting

The Babiones, Thomas, and the Walters are all currently full-time Christian workers. Some of us work part-time jobs to help pay the bills while others do not; all are fully dependent upon the Lord to provide. He is our Provision and Provider, and He has surprised us time and time again. His resources are truly unlimited, and we cannot even fancy half of them. If the Lord is stirring in your spirit to help fund some of His work of Church Planting, will you consider giving to one of the saints below?

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