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The Village of Everyday

The Village of Everyday contained many things for a person to do or see or experience. It was full of row after row of houses, each filled with something specific to occupy their time. There were the favorites, such as the House of Travel, the House of Hobbies, the House of Shopping, and the House of Time Online. And, because it was expected, many people also frequented the House of Career Aspirations, the House of Retirement Plans, and the House of Finances. These rows were separated by streets and sidewalks, and most the residents loved living in Everyday as there was always a way to keep busy.

Yes, the village of Everyday was filled with everything a person could want. Except sins, of course. Those houses were in the next community over, the village of Trespass—although many people traveled back and forth frequently.

The village of Everyday also included a House of Religion. Only a handful of the people that lived in Everyday went to the House of Religion. Most who saw it chose to keep their distance. It was a rather dilapidated, old, rugged wood building, and it was not kept up like the House of Technology or the House of Finances.

But there were those who were inexplicably drawn to the House of Religion. Among them were Discontented, Complacent, and Status Quo.

Discontented was not satisfied with the ways of Everyday—just going from house to house because she needed to, was obligated to, was expected to, or even wanted to. It was meaningless to her and the busyness without purpose frustrated her.

But Discontented was most unsatisfied with the House of Religion ritual. Every week, all the House of Religion folks would meet outside the House of Religion and walk up to the porch together. There, on the porch, they would wait on a designated person to choose a few songs to sing, usually this was Authority Figure, and they would all stare up at the light fixture on the porch ceiling while singing together. This was followed by asking for the things that they wanted for themselves or others in the general direction of the light fixture. This was called prayer. Then they would often start to argue about the House Rules, as they called them, until Authority Figure told them what they really meant. Finally, they would all leave the porch together and continue house-hopping. This usually lasted one hour.

One week Discontented sat with Complacent and Status Quo at the House of Eating. It was almost time for the weekly gathering at the House of Religion and the House of Eating was one house down, so there were many House of Religion people there.

Discontented looked at her friends and asked, “Why do we never go into the House of Religion? Doesn’t it seem strange that we go into every other house but only stay on the porch of that house?”

Status Quo looked like he was about to faint. “Don’t ask things like that. Authority Figure said he knew someone who knew someone who tried to open the door once and it was locked, so that’s that. We meet on the porch and that’s just fine.”

Discontented was not satisfied with that answer, although she was rarely satisfied with what Status Quo had to say.

So she asked another question, “Why do we only meet once a week? So little time is spent at the House of Religion, yet isn’t it supposed to be important?”

Another friend, Restless, was running by and heard Discontented’s question. “So little time? Do you realize what I could get done in the time I stand up there on that porch? I could easily visit three or four houses!”

“Then why do you go?”

“Oh, my mother is Guilt and my father is Obligation and I’d never hear the end of it if I didn’t. But, honestly, I just wouldn’t have time to give more than one hour a week. I would have to cut out too many things I have to get done. In fact, I’ve been chatting with you way too long, I’ve still got to run by the House of Shopping before the gathering. We can catch up the next time we’re at the House of Talking, okay?”

And with that, Discontented and her companions watched Restless run off to the next house on his list.

Discontented looked over at her other friend. “I haven’t heard from you yet, Complacent. Do you ever wonder about our little ritual at the House of Religion and if there is supposed to be more?”

“Discontented, darling, everything we do there is according to the House Rules and is perfectly satisfactory to everyone, especially me. We’ve also been doing it like that for years. Why do more when what we do is good enough? Ah, here is my sister Comfort getting up from her lounge chair to join us. It must be time for the gathering.”

As they walked to the House of Religion, Discontented lingered behind. She knew she couldn’t just stand on that porch singing songs, staring at a light fixture one more time. She hid behind the House of Television and waited for the gathering to be over.

After the last person had left the porch and was well on their way to the next house, Discontented walked up to the House of Religion. She stopped by the House Rules. It was a little plastic sign nailed next to door that read:

The House of Religion

This is a place for prayers of petition to the owner of the house.

This is a place for singing to the owner of the house for granting our prayers.

This is a place for teaching about the owner of the house.

Designate one person to oversee the singing and the teaching.

Stay on the porch.

Discontented just stared at the sign. It said exactly what Authority Figure always said the House Rules were. And it was old and worn—the sign had clearly been around a lot longer than Authority Figure. She knew she should move on, but she couldn’t—not yet. Something kept her attention on that sign. Then she heard the voice, as from everywhere and nowhere.

I will give you new eyes to see all things.

While still shaken from hearing the voice, Discontented noticed the corner of the House Rules sign was pealing up—there was something underneath. She hesitated for only a moment before ripping off the top layer of the sign. Underneath she found a sign made of pearl engraved with onyx. It read:

The House of the Father

The person who enters this house will:

-leave behind the things of Everyday

-remain in the House of the Father for eternity

-get to know the Son of the Owner

-give up their life for the Life of another

-become a new species

Please take off your shoes before entering.

Please take off your shoes before entering! Discontented realized that she could go in to this House—which was actually called the House of the Father—now! She knew she was breaking cultural norms and tradition, but Discontented put her hand on the doorknob and turned it without hesitation.

It was unlocked. She took a deep breath, slipped off her shoes, and opened the door. It seemed completely dark inside when she stepped through.  

On the other side of the doorway, she instantly felt different. She knew she was still herself but she could also sense that she was also something entirely different, entirely new. And she could see! There was light everywhere, although no visible light sources.

She looked around. It was much bigger than it looked on the outside. In fact, she couldn’t see where it ever ended in any direction. It was incredible—every surface looked to be made of gold or some kind of gem. It was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. That is, until the Man came into view.

“Hello, Discontented. I’ve been waiting for you.”

She somehow knew who He was. “You are the Man who lives here. The Son of the Owner.” The Man smiled at her. She said, “This house is beautiful.”

“I made it for my Father. But it isn’t quite complete yet.”

“You made this?”

“I made all of it, everything in Everyday. It all came from me.”

“But how can that be? To most of us, you are only a small part of Everyday. Even those that go to the weekly House of Religion gathering only give you an hour. The rest of the time we are away from this House and away from You.”

“Come, I have something to show you. Follow me.”

Discontented walked closely behind the Son of the Owner, never veering far from Him. He led her up a golden staircase. There was clearly only one floor from the outside so she was amazed at moving so far upwards. At the top of the winding stairs was an open room with double doors leading to a balcony. They walked towards the balcony and the Son opened the door and walked out with Discontented. As she looked out over the edge she saw the whole village, all the houses and the people. But it did not look as before. All the houses were inside a golden cube that was part of the House of the Father.

“See all the houses in Everyday? They are not separate houses as they seem, but all part of me. I am at the center of all things and can be found everywhere—if you have the eyes to see it. When you go back out there, you will continue to see the cube that encompasses every aspect of your life in Everyday.”

“But I thought I could never leave.”

“You are to be an expression of me back out in the village of Everyday. I want to show you how to live by my Life and be Light in the village. But since you can never leave the House of my Father once you enter in, I have made everything in Everyday available to you while still remaining here. You will be able to really live, for the first time, in Everyday and yet do it while continuing to abide in my Father’s House.”

“I will do as you wish and go back out there, but now that I know you, I don’t want to leave you,” said Discontented.

“You won’t ever have to. Everything you do and see in Everyday will be an opportunity to turn to me and see me, to get to know me better. I will be closer with you in Everyday than I am right now. When you came through the doors of the house, you became a new creature, a creature that I can live within. I will be closer to you than you are to yourself. No longer will the things you do in Everyday have no meaning for you, now they will be full of purpose as you live out the will of my Father.”

She nodded and followed the Man as He walked her back to the front door.

“Oh, and Discontented, you need a new name. You will now be known as Satisfied by the Son.”

Satisfied by the Son felt a sense of Peace and Rest that she was incapable of knowing before.

She was back in the village now but could always see the gold cube surrounding all the things that make up Everyday. And no matter where she was, she was able to turn inward and be with the Son. No longer were activities separated from Him. She got to know Him through everything she was doing and let Him lead her to new places He wanted her to go. This was just the beginning of a great adventure living for the purpose of the Father. And she was truly satisfied by the Son.

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