The Church, The Eternal Purpose

The True Proverbs 31 Woman

When thinking of the bride of Christ, She was the joy set before Him as He went to the cross, I thought of the infamous Proverbs 31 woman. She is the woman no woman can live up to.

This woman is something fierce to behold. She is no ordinary woman. To carry out all that she does is literally supernatural. Please know that the Proverbs 31 woman is none other than the Wife of Christ.

Have you heard her, seen her, known her? Is not yours a captured heart?

A rewrite of Proverbs 31- Description of the wife of Christ-a corporate woman-The Church.

This is Christ describing his wife:

I have found the one whom my soul loves. She is my excellent, matchless, perfect wife. She is kind of my own kind.

She is far more precious than jewels. So much so, I purchased the field that contained the pearl of great price. She is forever mine and I’m Her’s.

She is very diligent to seek and know my mind on all things. And She willingly allows me to be her source in all She does, all the days of her life.

She is my increase and I trust Her with all my heart to manage my affairs in the earth.

She seeks to intimately know and experience me and by so doing She becomes my image and expression on the earth.

She is like the ships of the merchant, searching and plumbing the lengthdepth, width, and heights of me and in so doing She brings back riches and food from the heavenly places that are within me.

She rises while it is yet night to behold, eat and drink of me and is then able to provide her portion of me to nourish my body.

She knows the cost of daily laying down her life so that the fruit of my LIFE is on display. The eternal vineyard is planted wherever She goes always producing me for all to see and draw from.

She clothes herself with my strength and I make her arms strong. I am her source of LIFE in all that She does.

Her lamp does not go out at night because She is fully aware of and apprehends me as her worth and source of Life. She knows that I have blessed her with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places that are in me so her lamp will never run out of oil.

She walks unafraid through the trials She suffers, expectantly looking to see me in all things and circumstances.

She opens her hand to the poor in spirit, reaching out to the needy and gives them me. All of my fullness is pleased to dwell in her.

She is not afraid of death because She is clothed in my scarlet colored blood forever. Which enables her to enter into my presence boldly; so that we may know each other intimately.

She allows me to be her rest knowing I have clothed Her with my pure, blameless, righteous royal Life. She is my queen and we are eternally entwined with each other.

She knows I sit at the right hand of my Father, far above all rulers, powers, and dominions. Just as I made my Father known to all, She too makes me, her husband, known in all of heaven and on earth. It is She that I have given the right to express my authority on the earth.

The fruit She produces, which comes from my Righteous Life, is able to feed and cloth all who come into her because She is able to dispense my Life to all of heaven and earth.  I am enraptured, captivated, intoxicated by her beauty. She’s stunning!

She is able to walk in the world, eternally clothed in my strength and dignity, knowing that I am far above all rule, authority, power, and dominion, and all things have been put into subjection under my feet.

And because I have been given head over all things to her, She laughs with joy at the time to come.  Knowing that one day all will see, displayed through her, that I am the fullness, the One who fills all things, the All in All.

When She opens her mouth She speaks ME, who is wisdom. For even my Father said, “Christ is the wisdom and power of God.” And the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.

She looks well to maintain our household and does not eat the bread of idleness. She looks for where I am working and joins me there; doing only what She sees me doing and saying only what She hears me saying.

All the children we produce together rise up and call Her blessed.
I too praise her saying: “Many shadows and pictures of you have done excellently but you, the true reality, surpass them all.”

She knows what is of Satan(death) and what is of me(life) and my purpose, so this makes her a woman who fears the Lord and She is to be praised.

She is my woman and She comes from me, bone of bone, kind of my kind and don’t you forget that. I have given her her high place seated next to me in the heavenlies. Be careful, warning: Don’t defile Her by separating Her from me. Remember that what My Father has joined together no man can or should try to separate, we are now and eternally ONE flesh!

Allow Her to have the of the fruit of her hands and let her works praise her in all of heaven and on earth, for She is my Beloved Wife-The Church.

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