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In light of me giving birth today (yay!), and with our current theme of “Summer School” at, here are a few things the Lord has given me deeper teaching in over the past 9 months about His Life as physical life was growing in me. Hope they are encouraging reminders for you 🙂

**Trust the Lord’s timing. He is sovereign and holds all things in His hands. No one has your best interests at heart like He does. Being within His interests is the safest place on earth.

**His Life within is always at work, especially in the midst of any spiritual death around you. You have to choose where to focus. Life (the Person of Life) has already conquered death. When you are surrounded in spiritual death, all He asks of you is to keep your focus on Him. He’ll do the work.

**Our Lord is faithful and good! The Life of the Lord will never fail. He’s already seated on the throne in heaven! There’s nothing He can’t do or won’t do to reach His purpose in and for your life. Trust His faithfulness!

**Don’t give up on the Lord and His incomparable power. His Life within sustains us. His power is what moves us forward. Let Him be your endurance. Finish the race through the power of faith. Believe in Him and persevere!

May we always embrace the teachings of the Lord through our life experiences. Life begets Life!

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