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The Primary Personality

A Parable

michelangelo_-_creation_of_adamAn unspeakably powerful Being from another realm visits the earth.  He is not evil like Hollywood likes to make out such otherworldly visitors.  Unless, of course, you are a fan of all man-made governments, systems, and laws.  Oh, and doing anything you like whenever you like with and/or to whomever you like.  Then, one could say, He is the most evil being ever to walk the face of the earth.

This Being, let’s call Him “A2”, says He lives by another life and wants to give the people of the earth this same life.  He claims it is not only a better life, but it is an eternal, abundant life.  And it is the only life that will remain after the end of days.  He offers humans this life by means of believing on Him.  If we believe on, or into, A2, then we’ll have access to every resource He has, which is apparently pretty extensive.  Some would even say inexhaustible.

In fact, all A2 is after is an expression of this life on the earth.  He says it’s His Father’s life, and it cannot coexist with our life.  If we want this eternal life, then we have to lose our own life.  Humans gain this life by laying our own life down, dying to it, giving it up entirely.  But, A2 promises to give us this other life, and we are to live by it.  This other life is full of characteristics that our own life doesn’t have.  Love, peace, joy, hope, and kindness are just a few of these characteristics.

A2 tells the human race that His Father created us for His purpose.  This purpose is all about an expression of this divine, uncreated life throughout the earth.  The first human, Adam, even walked with this divine Being in the early days of humanity.  But another being from this other realm, we’ll call him “Deceiver”, came to earth and convinced Adam and his wife to not live by the Father’s life, but by their own.  So, the Father raised up a select people from the humans of the earth to be His expression.  They turned from the Father, too, in favor of living like everyone else.  So, the Father sent A2 to show humans the way.

While A2 is all about His Father, His Father, it turns out, is all about A2.  The Father created this world with A2 in mind.  He created everything through A2 and for A2, and it is by A2 that all things hold together.  A2 wants His Father’s life expressed, and the Father wants A2’s life expressed.  And, as it turns out, it is all the same life.  A2 and the Father are one Being.  Mankind’s collective mind is blown.  We humans cannot comprehend all this with our own reasoning, so we are to exercise what A2 calls faith.  By faith humans can accept what A2 says as true and live by this other life.  There is no other way to do this.

muttersspiralBut humans try to do this a different way.  People are bound and determined to continue to have their own life while trying to live by the life A2 gives.  Through Adam, or A1, mankind chose not to live exclusively by this uncreated, eternal life, thus humans were doomed to death.  A human’s life is not eternal; only A2’s life is eternal.  For through A1 all have been brought to death, so also through A2 all will be made alive.  But humans keep wanting to please A2 with the actions and behaviors of their own life.  Mankind just doesn’t understand that their life leads to death, and it is only A2’s life that leads to life.  The Father wants the life of A2 to be expressed, and in the end, His life and expression will be all that remains.

A2 took on human form when He visited the earth.  He became fully human and showed how one lives by another life.  A2 now desires to do that for all humans.  When A2 returned to the other realm, He gave His Breath, His Spirit to the humans.  With this Spirit, humans can now express this other life.  Without this Spirit, we cannot.  We can’t express what we don’t have to express.  A body without life cannot express life.  So, we cannot express the life of A2 without His life in us.  A2 became a life-giving spirit.  He now offers us His life by which to live and give expression to this other life.  There is no other way.

So, to those who desire to keep their own life and way of doing things, this other Being, A2, is completely evil.  He has come to destroy all that we hold dear.  If we stop there, then death is our reward.  If, on the other hand, we believe that A2 has nothing but good to give us in return for our life, then He is obviously not evil.  He is the embodiment of good.  Our life, our way of doing things, has led to nothing but death and destruction.  His life, however, is full of unfathomable riches, joy, and love.  Believing on Him, by faith, leads to life everlasting.

A Reality

In his article, Christ in You, brother T. Austin-Sparks writes,

Christ is not a second personality or power, to come along to reinforce us, to vivify us, to strengthen us, for us to use in life and in service, and that He should make us something. That is not the thought, and that is not the angle of Scripture at all. And yet, how almost universally, perhaps largely unconsciously, that is what is happening. Christians are wanting to be made something, even as Christians; and Christian workers and the Lord’s servants are, though perhaps unwittingly, wanting to be made something as workers; and they want Christ to reinforce them, come behind them, and make them something as His servants and in His service. That whole system of things is diametrically opposed to the truth. The truth is that Christ shall be All, and that we decrease that He may increase; that He should be the primary Personality, and that the impact and registration of any life and any service should not be: “What a good man he was!” or “What a good woman she is!” or “What a fine worker!” but: “What a presence of Christ! What a testimony to Christ! What an expression of Christ! What a sense of Christ! What a reality of Christ!”

“What a reality of Christ!”  Oh, that we would say that!  What a grand idea – the “reality of Christ”.  Lord, that You would open our eyes more and more to the reality of Christ.  Amen.

A Resource

If you’ve never read anything from brother Sparks, I highly encourage you to do so.  The Lord certainly opened this brother’s eyes to see Him in a vastly deeper way than conventional Christianity would ever allow.  The reality of Christ in this brother has inspired many believers outside of the institutional system, including myself.  The cool thing is that many of his messages, articles, and books are free online.  We have a link on the sidebar under the “Resources” heading to the website that is set up for his works.  Please check it out.  The website is  You can even get excerpts from his writings delivered to your email daily.  To subscribe to Open Windows, please click this link.  It is a very rich resource for the deeper things of God.

Looking Ahead

The Infusion event that I referenced here is going on this weekend.  Please join us in praying for God’s work in California and around the world.  He is drawing His people to Him.

Also, the first post from fellow 3rd Racer, Thomas Fortson, will be published on Monday.  He gives a great little insight into what the Lord is currently showing him through some of Paul’s letters.  You won’t want to miss it!

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    Kennth Dawson
    August 14, 2014 at 7:22 am

    For real Barb..his personality is really the only one who is 100% in tune with our creator and that’s because he came from the father…we do not and that’s why we need him in us governoring us so that we can participate in a life that’s pleasing to the father…yes I get T. Austin Sparks e/mails every day and I go to a church here in Tulsa,OK. That sends his books out to all over the world for free.

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