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Hey 3rd Race community! I’ve missed blogging with you over the past several months. It’s been pretty busy in my household since the beginning of the year as my family has transitioned into a new season with the Lord. So my focus has just been shifted a bit but I wanted to share my heart with you 🙂

My husband and I are deeply burdened for the Lord’s House and His people. This burden has caused us to restructure our life in a way that allows us to be free to follow the Lord as He leads us for His purpose. Over the course of several years, God has slowly led us into living a much simpler life than what’s commonly known in society and into a lifestyle that is growing in more freedom from the systems of the world. We’re going on about 5 months living full time in our ‘home on wheels’ (pictured above) doing some traveling. Along with our travels, we have hopes of spending some time with Milt and Mary Rodriguez (church planters) in the near future, learning about working with churches (communities of believers who live a shared life together under the headship of Jesus Christ), and encouraging the saints.

Ultimately, the Lord has given my husband and I a conviction in our hearts to abandon our lives to Him for His eternal purpose to be fulfilled in this earth–that Christ will sum up all things in this earth into Himself. By grace we have spiritual eyes to see Him and know His purpose and have had glorious experiences in being a part of true community with other believers under His headship. We have seen and tasted the Lord through His Bride and we long to spread that sighting and share in that fellowship with those the Lord may have along the pathway as we follow Him. We care for the members of the Body and for the Church and are excited about journeying with the Lord to be a part of His work in bringing all men unto Him for His purpose.

As we said yes to the Lord a couple years ago in preparing to follow Him into this new season, He has had us very practically learning Him as our true Shepherd. From plans changing constantly, adjusting to new transitions often, trusting the Lord’s provision, depending on His Life through unforeseen circumstances, being content with unmet expectations and surrendering the day-to-day unknowns to Him; Christ is stretching us beyond ourselves causing us to rest upon Him in the most beautifully freeing way. The Lord shepherds His people through all the twist and turns in life if we give Him an open way. He has so beautifully crafted all our lives and asks us to receive His rest and just follow. It is hard sometimes to do this because we have so many distractions and hindrances (inwardly and outwardly) that keep us from being fully available to our Shepherd. But even still, every morning a beautiful and wild adventure awaits us. This adventure is discovered and experienced in the life of a Person, Jesus Christ our Lord. We awake to the adventure of seeking, knowing, and expressing Jesus Christ throughout everyday practical matters. And there’s the adventure of experiencing messy missteps with Him within the challenges of living in the world. The Lord is with us through it all and we are kept by Him through it all. There are no wasted experiences in Christ Jesus!

Let’s be bold, take courage, and give the Lord His way in our life. His intent is never to harm us but to extend His grace, mercy, and goodness in sometimes the most unlikely ways. He can be trusted with our life. Wherever you are in your walk with the Lord, there is an adventure to be experienced in knowing Jesus Christ more deeply. May the Lord continue to give us sight to see Him and follow His way for His glory.

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    September 3, 2017 at 6:34 am

    Floshea, this is very encouraging. Stepping out of the normal is not easy. I am encouraged in the transitions I am in. I feel a kindred spirit.
    Virginia recently posted…Winter and More WinterMy Profile

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      September 26, 2017 at 11:57 am

      Sister thanks for sharing! I am so glad you were encouraged ❤

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