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The Good Shepherd and His Lamb

R.C.’s post yesterday was a glimpse into the eternal fellowship of God. Through Psalm 23 we saw the Son speaking to the Father. Today, we will see the Father speaking to the Son.

“My Son, I am your guardian, your protector, your guide. I will provide everything     you need.

I am your rest, your refreshment, and your peace. I strengthen and restore you from within.

My righteousness is in you and guides you along your path for you and I are one. Through you I glorify my name.

No matter what you walk through, even the deepest, darkest depths, there is nothing to fear because I am here. My direction will comfort you.

I have set a feast before you and you are the honored guest. Your enemies see the high place I have put you for I have set you at my right hand.

My Son, all my fullness indwells you and your cup will overflow. I have anointed your head with oil as the one who reigns.

My goodness and mercy flow out of you for all eternity and we are together forever and ever.”

Dear Saints, this is the fellowship into which we have been brought. Hallelujah!!!

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    October 26, 2014 at 5:20 pm

    Hallelujah indeed, sister!

    A few years ago I was taught the personal relevance of the verses in Matthew 3 where Father spoke to Jesus, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased!” Since I am in Christ, those words are for me and anyone Father has called to Himself! This is spiritual food for me because it causes me to reflect on the personal nature of my relationship with God. I need that!

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