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The Fire of Conflict

Ever been in any type of relationship with someone and personality conflict arises? How do you respond? Do you shut yourself off because of pride? Do you let them negatively shut you down out of insecurity? Are you completely apathetic about it? Do you force your way?

There are countless ways we can respond to personality and relational conflict because we are each so uniquely created. However, the focus in any relational conflict should be, “Lord what is your response through me? Have your way. Give me your sight of this conflict. Not my will but yours be done.”

While we all come in different ‘flavors’, there are times when the Lord may ask us to lay down what we consider our natural, human make-up in order for Him to speak Life through us or have His way through us whatever that may look like. Whether we are naturally bold, direct, vulnerable, sensitive, open, shy, etc., the Lord’s nature within us supercedes who we perceive ourselves to be.  For instance, there are times when it’s His Life within calling for us to express His boldness. For a shy person, they have a choice to lay their nature at the foot of the Cross for the purpose of depending on the Lord within to express Himself how He wants. He alone is love, joy, kindness, friendship, courage, wisdom, endurance, perseverance, boldness, gentleness, confidence, forgiving, merciful, and much much more. We have the gift of the Life of Christ within us so we can express every single characteristic of His spirit. What a beautiful blessing! We don’t have to put any human effort into it, we just have to be continually conscious (or in continual fellowship) of our unity/oneness in Christ and have a heart and ear open to His way in all things.  There is no human nature too strong or too weak for the power of the Lord to be expressed through.

If you are living in community with other believers for the expressed purpose of Jesus Christ being Head of his church and building you together as living stones for His eternal purpose, you, saint, are experiencing something very precious and rare. There is a beautiful transformation into more of Christ that takes place within us as members of the Body are intentionally sharing life together. Don’t take for granted the relational and personality conflicts that come along the journey. With the right heart perspective and attitude of humility, you can allow the Lord to transform you in ways you never believed, while in turn He gets to build His church–His lamp stand in the Earth.

If you are not currently a part of a shared-life with other believers, the Lord has not let you off the hook from having His way through you! Whether it’s relationships at work, with family and friends, neighbors, etc., there is opportunity for any relational and personality conflicts to transform you and express the nature of Jesus through you. As believers and followers of Christ, our Lord calls us the “salt of the Earth”. We can allow others to taste Him through our relationship with them as we respond by His Life during tough relational conflict.

The Lord is so sweet and giving. He wants EVERY opportunity in our journey to be able to allow us to experience His nature so we can live a life of freedom from our self-life. Always seek the perspective of Christ in the midst of relational conflict. He will reveal wisdom on what to let go and what to push through. Be led by His spirit within rather than your comfort zone. Your comfort zone can be quick to speak, quick to not care, or quick to avoid the conflict at all costs. Each zone has the potential of being self-focused. Before you camp out in your comfort, take your heart to the Lord.

Lord allow us to be patient with ourselves and others around us. There is ‘spiritual gold’ to be had in the fire of conflict.

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    June 30, 2016 at 8:35 am

    This is really good, Shea, and I thank you for sharing it. This has the ring of truth shared from your own personal fires of conflict.

    I’ve been dealing with a situation with a co-worker that has really stressed me out and this was a confirmation for me of where I’m at – letting the Lord respond in His way through me. I don’t quite know what that is yet, but I’m opening myself to whatever it is.

    1. Reply
      June 30, 2016 at 7:54 pm

      Amen brother!

  2. Reply
    June 30, 2016 at 6:06 pm

    Thanks Shea, a real word of encouragement from the Lord in a particular season here. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Donna recently posted…Are You Feeling Backed Into A Corner?My Profile

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