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The Final Post of 2015

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Well, this has been a jam-packed year full of ups and downs and more of Jesus. From our Abide in Christ Project we did in May, where we posted every day of the month, to August, where we didn’t post a single day, we were busy here on the blog. Besides the look, the most notable change has been the addition of other regular contributors. These blessed saints help to lighten the load while still providing awesome insights into our infinite Lord.

We don’t want to take up much of your time on this last day of the year, so let’s get to the meat of things…

A New Look

If you’ve been on the blog any this week, you’ve probably noticed a few subtle changes. The first change is obviously the logo followed by the color scheme. Our new logo sports fonts inherent to the blog, and we cooled the colors out by switching from a gold to a green/blue. Or blue/green. Whichever.

In the sidebar, one will notice that we’ve updated the blog subscription widget and removed the newsletter subscription widget. More on that in a minute. Also, we moved some things around, added an archive drop box for easier navigation, and moved the Instagram widget to the footer area.

On single posts, if you scroll down past the comments, you’ll find more navigational guides. We’ve added links to the previous and next posts to help you find more to read. 😉 Also, we think they are visually appealing. But that’s just us.

A New Page

If you scan across the top menu bar (or pull it down on a mobile device), you’ll notice a new page: Contributors. It is here where you’ll find a little tidbit of information on each of the contributors to the blog plus links to their posts, other blogs, PayPal page, and/or other projects.

The Abide in Christ Project page has been there for a little while, but we wanted to draw your attention to it again, anyway. 🙂 Check that page out for all 31 posts and the corresponding comments. Good stuff there!

The Podcast page will be undergoing a little face-lift soon, so be sure to keep checking back to see it.

A New Hope

(Couldn’t resist that heading. Totally loved the new movie, btw.) (Referring to Star Wars, btw.)

Looking ahead, we’ll start a new theme for January on the blog: New Year’s Revelations. We’ll be sharing what new things the Lord has been showing us of Himself and/or His Church. Can’t wait to read them all, and we’d love for you to share your insights with us, too! Also, Carrie will be finishing her series on The Way, the Truth, and the Life. Check out The Way and The Life to be ready for the last installment.

Now to get back to the newsletter thing… We’re not going to do one anymore. 🙁 At least not right now. We figured since we’ve become more of a community blog, that a personal newsletter didn’t make too much sense. However, we do know that many of you like updates on the churches we’re working with and such, so we’ll post periodic updates right in the blog. How ’bout that?

Saints, we hope you’ve had a Jesus-increasing year in 2015, and we hope you have an even more Jesus-increasing year in 2016. May He fill you with an ever-increasing awareness of His presence.

“Without the Way, there is no going, without the Truth, there is no knowing, without the Life, there is no living.” ~ Thomas à Kempis

May Christ be your Way, your Truth, and your Life now and in the new year.

Happy new year!

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    Donna Batty
    January 2, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    Love it! Loved it all! And looking forward to eating and drinking of our glorious Christ more with you all crossing over into a new year. Wishing all of you also, a more Jesus-filled year! With love in Him from Australia xox CHRIST OUR ALL

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