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The Eternal Purpose of God: A Blog Series

Do you want to know what the one thing we who write for this blog have in common, our one common drive and passion? We’ve all caught a glimpse of, and have been ruined by, God’s Eternal Purpose. The center of this Eternal Purpose is CHRIST, not us! Christ is the reason God has ever done, is doing, and will do anything. For God, His Son is His everything, and now He is increasingly becoming our everything, too. God has a desire to unveil, in CHRIST, this ageless purpose to us and it is so much better than you’ve ever known.

Over the next few months, we are going to explore and unfold God’s Purpose as it is summed up in Christ. There are several different aspects to describe this enormous purpose which started way back, even before the fall of man. All these different aspects have CHRIST at the center. They are a House, a Body, a Bride, and a Family. We all at varying degrees are walking out this Eternal Purpose. We all have practical experience with what it’s like to live out God’s Eternal Purpose. So we will take a month to develop each aspect of this purpose. The first aspect we’ll begin with is the House. Our hope here at 3rd race.org is to expand and enlarge your CHRIST and that you, too, can get a glimpse of God’s Eternal Purpose.

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