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Blog: Love, Bridget

After spending three and half years in Florida as a part of an organic expression of Jesus Christ, Bridget & R.C. followed the Lord’s leading out to California to be trained to establish other organic expressions. They spent fourteen months of hands-on training with three different groups under the Lord’s tutelage through Milt and Mary Rodriguez. Bridget and R.C. are now co-working with Carrie and her husband, Andrew, in Austin, TX.



The couple live in a 5th-wheel camper with their four kiddos. Along with doing the work of the Lord, they also homeschool their children and write. For the time being, the Lord has them doing this full-time. If you feel led to contribute to the work, please consider praying for Bridget & R.C. and perhaps even helping them financially here.

Donna Batty

BLOG: Drawing from the well

Donna lives in Australia with her husband Derek and although becoming a Christian at age 6, considers her life in Christ to have taken a radical turn when she was about 42. By God’s grace, Donna has come to see that Jesus Christ is the ‘Everything’ and the ‘All in all’ and that God has an Eternal Purpose which is being fulfilled in Christ, through His Body, the true church.

Bowled over by Christ, Donna now writes about her Lord in the hope that as she shares the small glimpse she has been given into Him and His glorious church, a hunger and desire will be ignited in others to know God more fully, as He seeks to be known – which she has come to understand is way more than what has traditionally been taught in organised Christianity. Her message to all believers is that we truly are FREE IN CHRIST! 🙂


Tim enjoys fixing his eyes on Jesus, and he has a knack for seeing Him just about anywhere. Whether it be in the atmosphere, in movies, or life’s experiences, Tim looks for Christ in all things. With his generous spirit and loving heart, he loves to share those insights with others.

Tim lives with his son in the frontier of southern Arizona just outside of Tucson. Praying for years for the Lord to raise up something in the desert, Tim is starting to see the flood waters rise. Please join us in praying with Tim for the Lord’s expression and authority in his area.


Blog: Single and Sacred

Better known to his closest friends as “T-Pain”, “Sweet-T”, or “Tom-the-Bomb Fortson”, Thomas recently finished working with a group of saints in Texas to establish a heavenly colony on earth. A Florida boy at heart, Thomas loves the humidity and the Gators. But not as much as he loves Jesus.

In his pursuit to follow the Lord, Thomas got stuck working with the Babiones for a while. He’s now “recovering” in Tennessee for the time being. If you feel led to contribute to the Lord’s work, please consider donating to Thomas.



Alison and her husband, Tyrone, have been captivated by God’s eternal purpose in Christ Jesus, and are currently in Austin, TX, to work with the Lord in whatever He’s doing. Right now, that involves co-hosting “To the Saints,” a 2-hour radio program on Christ and His Church, with the Babiones and Walters.

Alison is an introvert who has realized the joy of being in a Christ-centered community with other Saints. She believes Jesus is big enough to be Lord of every aspect of life and has found everything to be so much better when she gives up her life for Another. She co-manages three young boys with her husband.


Book: Shea’s Letters

final-book-cover1Shea currently lives with her husband and three boys in the “City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia, PA. They moved there from Gainesville, FL, under the leading of the Lord, for a new season of preparation. Yep, the Lord’s preparing the couple to enter into His work. So, while they wait for the Lord to give them the next step, He has been clearing His way through their hearts.

Ever wonder what others go through with the Lord in their marriage, parenting, personal issues, or life in general? Shea shares spiritual insights from her walk with the Lord regarding those very experiences in her eBook, Shea’s Letters. Click on the picture to find out more about it and to download your copy.



Marky Mark lives with his funky bunch (wife and three kiddos) in Jacksonville, FL. Going deeper into Christ is one of Mark’s favorite hobbies. That, Star Wars, and coaching his kids’ soccer teams take up a lot of his time. But you can bet he’s experiencing Christ in any and all of it.

Mark also likes to write, and he writes some solid insights into our Lord over at his blog, Experiencing Christ. Treat yo self, and click on over there to check it out.

andrewcarrieCARRIE WALTERS

Blog: Unite the Tribe

Carrie and her husband, Andrew, are co-working with the Babiones toward the goal of establishing organic expressions of Jesus Christ in Austin, Texas. They travel with their three boys and their maltipoo Rosie. Carrie loves the Lord and loves to see the world through His rosy-colored glasses.

When not writing for they share what Christ is revealing to them on Unite the Tribe. They covet your prayers and appreciate your support. If you feel led to give to the Lord’s work, please consider donating to the Walters.


A benevolent saint who so graciously bestows upon us his or her insight into our glorious Lord. Otherwise known as someone other than the regularly blogging contributors. Much appreciation for these kind saints. 🙂

Would you like to be considered to be a guest blogger here at Please do. Share what the Lord has been walking you through lately. If you’d like to contribute and bless other readers, please fill out this form.