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I Tried So Hard and Got So Far

I’ve always liked the song, but over the past years, it has come to take on a new meaning. I found hope knowing that trying so hard doesn’t really matter. …

Christian Life, Church Life

Date with the All in All

This month we are talking about ways to have “dates with Jesus” that are outside the norm. As we walk deeper into the life of Christ, the verse describing him as the All in All becomes a very real…

Christ, The Church

The Church’s One Foundation

One day, a few years ago, I sat down to write a blog post.  I really wanted to post something, anything.  I asked the Lord what He wanted to say, my head in my hands.  Then I looked up,…

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Mary, Did You Know?

Have you seen The Nativity Story? I watched it several years ago and remember being amazed. Do you know what stood out to me the most? It was when Mary, Joseph, and newborn Jesus are in the manger and…

Christian Life, The Eternal Purpose

On Moving to Florida

While living in Florida, after having moved from Oklahoma back in 2010, I was inevitably asked some form of the question, “Why did you move to Florida?”  The answer was never a quick nor easy one.  I usually went into some form…

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Walk Like Thunder

Sometimes in life we only truly appreciate the significance of events until long after the fact. A short while ago, I sensed* I was supposed to walk outside in front of the house I’m staying in. So I did so,…

Christian Life, The Church

Home Sweet Home

Last Monday I took the kids to the library. On our way there I was complaining to the Lord. Certain circumstances He has us in right now are particularly uncomfortable, and He seems to be delaying in doing anything… Life, Church Life, The Eternal Purpose

Sleeping Beauty

The Bridegroom Calls The Bridegroom left His bride to prepare a place for her.  Now, His return looms on the horizon.  But His bride sleeps.  She slumbers unaware of so much: the Bridegroom’s imminent arrival, her true identity, his true…