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The Truth

“Jesus Christ Himself is the final exegesis of all truth. He is all we need to know about God and all we need to know about man.” Major Ian Thomas This is the final post in this series; the first two…

Christian Life

New Birth through Travail

My sister is pregnant with her first child and is due the end of this month. As I was thinking about new birth for this month’s post, she kept coming to my mind. The more I thought of the…

Christian Life

God Forgive Me

The recent events in Charleston, SC, have weighed on me. Typically when there is a mass shooting, I take note of it and move on. It doesn’t emotionally affect me or anything. However this one is different, and I’ve…

Church Life, The Church

I’ve Seen a Miracle!

In fact, I’ve seen hundreds of miracles. I personally am a living miracle. You see, I once was dead. Completely. Utterly. But now I am alive. Completely. Utterly. Eternally. A few years ago, the ekklesia we are a part…

Church Life, The Church

We Live in a Different Reality

“These [christians] have turned the world upside down!” Was the exclamation of some of the 1st century non-believers regarding the culture of the Jesus-followers in their town. A mistake would be to react to this text in such a…