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What Went Wrong?

Piggy from the book, Lord of the Flies, says, "We did everything adults would do. What went wrong?" This leads me to what I see in the Church today, and particularly in those desiring to meet outside the institution:… Life, Christian Life, Church Life

Unite the Tribe

Carrie and her husband, Andrew, have begun their own website called Unite the Tribe. Their desire is to bring together God's people for His purpose, and we want to share this wonderful new site with you. Today on their…

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Filling in the Gaps (Pt. 1)

Back in 2011 we found ourselves looking for a new job. Another couple, dear friends of ours, found themselves in the same position also, so we were on the job hunt together. It was during this time that I…

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The System Is Within You

Many people are having their eyes opened to the issues with the structure of the modern church. The “system” as some call it. Things like the clergy/laity divide, the way churches are run like businesses, and the inch-deep relationships.…