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What Went Wrong?

Piggy from the book, Lord of the Flies, says, "We did everything adults would do. What went wrong?" This leads me to what I see in the Church today, and particularly in those desiring to meet outside the institution:…

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Are You Believing a Lie?

Our society idolizes independence.We look down upon dependence as if it were a weakness. Or to be dependent upon someone is to be seen as a burden. To look like we have it all figured out and that we…

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Body Life 101: To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Our theme on the blog for this month is Body Life 101, so I'm addressing those who claim to be, and live as, members of the Body of Christ. I'm addressing those who claim to live by the…

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Who Told You You’re Not New

For a believer, there is that moment when God causes us to realize that we are a sinner and in need of a savior. It is at this moment when the Law has completed it’s jobs. The Law had…

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The Fire of Conflict

Ever been in any type of relationship with someone and personality conflict arises? How do you respond? Do you shut yourself off because of pride? Do you let them negatively shut you down out of insecurity? Are you completely… Life, Christian Life

Missing the Point

Has this ever been a picture of you with the Lord? How often have we set up our own precautionary devices when following the Lord where ever He's leading us? "Just in case the Lord doesn't work this out, I'm…

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How to Create Religion In One Easy Step

“Religion is when the soul tries to imitate the spirit.” This little gem was dropped on me last night by my partner in crime Wesley. Let me elaborate. There is clear difference between the soul and the spirit. Hebrews…