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The Deception of Inception

I know we’re supposed to be looking for ways we can see Christ in this movie, and I hope to be able to point to Him with this blogpost. That being said, in watching Inception this time, I was…

The Eternal Purpose

Living a Simple Life in Christ

There seems to be a recurring theme coming up and staring at me lately, and it's the theme of simplifying our lives for Jesus. It's a call for the church to let go of the materialism and pull of…

The Church

Thoughts on the IC

This week, I’ve been with most of the other bloggers on We were supremely blessed to stay with Tim at his home in Arizona. The Lord used this time to coalesce and solidify some recent thoughts…

Christian Life, Church Life

Date with the All in All

This month we are talking about ways to have “dates with Jesus” that are outside the norm. As we walk deeper into the life of Christ, the verse describing him as the All in All becomes a very real…


Our One Business

The great business of Christians is to learn Christ. This is not just a subject to study. I want to ask you: What is the greatest desire in your life? I wonder if it is the same as mine!…

Christian Life, Church Life

Tell Me about It

Saints, knowing our Lord is, in its full thought, a corporate gig. How many times have we seen, heard, tasted, felt, or even smelled something of the Lord never to share it with anyone else? How many times has…