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Christian Life, The Eternal Purpose

Living the Dream

What does it mean to be “living the dream”? Traveling the world in search of adventure? Being successful in a satisfying job? Having a wonderful, close-knit family that you spend lots of time with? Living in an awesome city?…

Christ, The Church, The Eternal Purpose

The One Question

God is moving His people again, today, like we’ve seen in Exodus past. What a glorious time to be in when He’s doing it again but on a larger scale. God wanted a people for Himself, a tribe, a…

Christian Life, Church Life, The Church

Inseparably Linked

We recently did an exercise with a group of saints learning to live by the indwelling Life of Christ that helps to illustrate the inseparable link between Christ and His Church.  What is true of the King is true…

Church Life, The Church

I’ve Seen a Miracle: A Parable

In light of our recent reframing of miracles, allow me to elaborate with a modern day, true parable: The Kingdom of God is Like a Family… In a certain city there was a Family whose sister had fallen deathly…