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Jon Zens Life

2016 Personal Updates: Tim

Hi family! The theme the crew adopted for the month of October is: “personal updates!” And guess what? I drew the short straw for the first in the series. So here goes……

The Eternal Purpose

A Tale of Two Ships

As a young man, Martin Luther saw a picture in a church of a ship on the sea. In the ship was the clergy, recognized by their vestments, and in the sea were the laity. The laity were all…

Church Life

3 Questions to Stop Gossip in its Tracks

Gossip is a plague to the health of society, and this holds true for the body of Christ as well. What I want to share in this article are three questions that will stop gossip dead in its tracks.…

The Church

Thoughts on the IC

This week, I’ve been with most of the other bloggers on We were supremely blessed to stay with Tim at his home in Arizona. The Lord used this time to coalesce and solidify some recent thoughts…