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Body Life 101: Highway to the Discomfort Zone

True church life is NEVER comfortable for the old/natural man. True Body life will always have an aspect of discomfort to it. I get it that this isn't great to hear. This is definitely NOT how to get loads of…

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Summer School: How to Say No

Recently I heard Meghan Trainor's new song "NO", and I was reminded that the Bride has the same response to anything that isn't of Christ. When something comes in, whether the enemy, the world's system, our flesh, etc., we…

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Deepest Love. An Epic

Today's post is shared by a sister in Gainesville, FL. Joelle Laing is currently working towards her PhD in ecology at the University of Florida, and though not currently blogging, you can read some of her past stuff (it's…

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Your Favorite Meal(s)

This month, we here at 3rdRace are going to focus on ways to spend time with the Lord. There are times when we turn our whole attention to Jesus and spend time with Him intentionally. The different ways in…

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Experiencing Jesus as Our Everything

Last year I wrote a blog post called "Jesus is our Everything" and began a list of all the things Jesus is. I recently reread that post and was struck with a question: Do we actually experience Him as…

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The Life

I am going to talk about Christ as The Life next in the series and leave the truth for last. In my last post, The Way , we saw that through the new humanity and lowering is the way Christ…