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It Takes Time

"But if humans are not the units of measure, what governs everything?" Find out more in this offering from March Movie Madness as we see Christ in "Lucy".…

Christian Life

How to Create Religion In One Easy Step

“Religion is when the soul tries to imitate the spirit.” This little gem was dropped on me last night by my partner in crime Wesley. Let me elaborate. There is clear difference between the soul and the spirit. Hebrews…

Christian Life

On Walking

R.C. and I regularly go for walks together. Most mornings we get up before the kids and walk for exercise, but we also enjoy just taking strolls together in the evening. While walking, we like to hold hands. Since…

Christian Life

Captain America and Jesus

Have you seen the first Captain America movie? It’s ripe with the reality of Christ to me.  You see, Captain America has The Life within him.  He’s the only one that has been given the super serum.  He’s the…

"Two berries" Credit: Flickr user jeremysabol (cc)
The Church, The Eternal Purpose

Eating From the Wrong Tree

The Two Trees To continue the eating theme from yesterday, I’d like to talk about the two trees found in the garden of Eden.  Remember them? …the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the…