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What Went Wrong?

Piggy from the book, Lord of the Flies, says, "We did everything adults would do. What went wrong?" This leads me to what I see in the Church today, and particularly in those desiring to meet outside the institution:…

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Inception by Deception

Instead of going where Mark did in his post, seeing the movie as “a beautiful picture of the only true Inception, the Spirit of Christ dwelling in us” (which it very much is), I saw a different angle, a…

The Eternal Purpose

Don’t Lose Your Head!

I remember when I first heard someone tell a bunch of believers that the head is not separate to the body, in relation to Christ The Head and the Church. I thought it was funny and an odd thing…

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Seeing Christ in the Flashlight

There is a humorous story describing a commercial flight that had landed in Los Angeles and was held waiting on the apron area just short of the gate. After several long minutes, the pilot finally came on the intercom…

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There Is No Other Stream

I'd like to share a passage today from a book by Larry Crabb, entitled The Presure's Off. This passage really spoke to me in various ways, so I'm passing it on.…

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3 Questions to Stop Gossip in its Tracks

Gossip is a plague to the health of society, and this holds true for the body of Christ as well. What I want to share in this article are three questions that will stop gossip dead in its tracks.…

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The Teachings of the Lord

In light of me giving birth today, and with our current theme of "Summer School" at, here are a few things the Lord has given me deeper teaching in over the past 9 months about His Life as…