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Living the Dream

What does it mean to be “living the dream”? Traveling the world in search of adventure? Being successful in a satisfying job? Having a wonderful, close-knit family that you spend lots of time with? Living in an awesome city?…

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The Parable of the Quarry

My name is Solomon Levine. I am 36 years old, and with my wife Jen and our son Isaiah we have been called to stand for The Messiah and His glorious House here in Jerusalem, Israel. I have lived…

The Eternal Purpose

Whose House Are You Building?

I’d like to start today with a reminder of our reality. For believers, the Eternal Temple of God is made up of His people in Christ. This Temple is also referred to as the House of God. It is…

The Church

Resting Place (for Hannah)

In late October of this year, my sister-friend Hannah passed away. She is a beautiful expression of our Lord. I remember when we first met. She effortlessly exuded the sense of home, familiarity and family. To be able to…

Church Life, The Church

Done with Church?

Are you done with church?  More specifically, are you done with institutionalized, systematic religion?  If you were done with church, that is the Body of Christ, the House of God, the Bride of Christ, the Family of God, and…

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On Ministry

My little sister got married this year. She was 31 and this was her first (and we expect only) marriage. This was also her first and only boyfriend. I love that she took Jesus at His word. While she was…