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The Eternal Purpose

Seeing Christ through the Lens of Adoption

Brothers and sisters, we have been adopted as sons into the family of Christ. This is a legal, heavenly, and positional transaction that takes place whereby we are translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light:…

Christ, The Eternal Purpose


I used to think that Jesus looked like a sinless life, teaching ministry, miracles, and healings. What I’ve seen as I’ve gazed upon the Lord (not man’s ideas of Him) is that Jesus looks very different than what I…

The Eternal Purpose

Why Did God Want A Family?

I have never had children of my own. It's not because I haven't wanted to, the timing was just never quite right. At times I have really wanted to start a family. As I was preparing to write this…

Church Life, The Church, The Eternal Purpose

Can You Imagine?

Imagine you are moving across the country with spouse and child in tow. Your sister and her husband already live in your new town, and they invite you to stay with them until you can find a place to…