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Christian Life

I Tried So Hard and Got So Far

I’ve always liked the song, but over the past years, it has come to take on a new meaning. I found hope knowing that trying so hard doesn’t really matter. …

Christ, The Church

Seeing Christ in the Rapture

Because the Lord is coming back this weekend I thought I would write one last article before then. As we all know, sometime this weekend the stars will align to yet another sign of our soon and coming Christ,…

Christ, Christian Life

Who Do You Say I Am?

“Let us be clear about this fact, that the Church is not merely a company of people whose sins are forgiven and who are going to heaven; it is a company of those whose eyes have been opened by…

Christian Life, The Eternal Purpose

Toddler with a Crown Part 1

As believers, we are bullied every day by a part of ourselves. It beats us up and calls us names. It feeds us thoughts that hit us with condemning thoughts, thoughts of unworthiness, thoughts of you’ll never measure up…

Christ, Christian Life

God thinks of Everything

How has your RAS been functioning lately? Know what in the world your RAS is? Let me introduce you to your Reticular Activating System, and let's see how God thinks of everything!…