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The Wife of the Lamb

My sister got married last month. It was simple and elegant and a perfect representation of the new couple. And I kept thinking of how this is a small shadow of the Real Wedding. I remember the morning after …

Christian Life, The Eternal Purpose

On Moving to Florida

While living in Florida, after having moved from Oklahoma back in 2010, I was inevitably asked some form of the question, “Why did you move to Florida?”  The answer was never a quick nor easy one.  I usually went into some form…

Christian Life, The Church, The Eternal Purpose

Once Was Me

Today’s post comes from a sister in Manteca, CA, named Lori Moreno. This poem beautifully expresses the journey Lori has been on with the Lord. I once was me, doing what I please. Living my life, but not with… Life, Church Life, The Eternal Purpose

Sleeping Beauty

The Bridegroom Calls The Bridegroom left His bride to prepare a place for her.  Now, His return looms on the horizon.  But His bride sleeps.  She slumbers unaware of so much: the Bridegroom’s imminent arrival, her true identity, his true…

Christ, Church Life, The Eternal Purpose

What’s in a Name?

Before Jesus Christ there were two races on the earth. The Jew-God's chosen people, and the Gentile-everyone else. However, through the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of the Lord Jesus a new race was birthed. The third race.…