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Christian Life, The Eternal Purpose

On Moving to Florida

While living in Florida, after having moved from Oklahoma back in 2010, I was inevitably asked some form of the question, “Why did you move to Florida?”  The answer was never a quick nor easy one.  I usually went into some form…

Christ, Church Life

The Great Twin Mystery

God’s hidden mystery is so big, there’s two sides to it.  But it is still one glorious mystery. The Mystery of God F.F. Bruce once pointed out that the theme of Colossians is Christ the Head.  Paul’s letter to…

Christ, Church Life, The Eternal Purpose

What’s in a Name?

Before Jesus Christ there were two races on the earth. The Jew-God's chosen people, and the Gentile-everyone else. However, through the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of the Lord Jesus a new race was birthed. The third race.…