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Starting Organic Churches

Are you one of the 60 million Christians who have left the institutional church system, longing for a deeper experience of Jesus Christ? Do you think the Church would look different if Jesus was the true head? Are you wondering what in the world to do now? Well, Milt Rodriguez has written a free ebook that might answer some of your questions, and help you with your next steps.

Milt Rodriguez and his wife Mary have been starting and planting organic expressions of the church since 1990. They have learned much through trial and error, making a ton of mistakes, and yet never giving up. In this ebook, Milt will share with you how to start such groups of Christians. Written both as a spiritual and a practical guide, Milt will share with you his knowledge and experience. If you have been longing to experience this kind of life and want to help start new groups that have a much better chance of making it towards that goal, then this is the book for you!

Milt and Mary planted the church we were a part of in Gainesville, FL, we spent 15 months with them in California training to plant churches, and they are graciously mentoring us in church planting now as we are setting out in this new venture. They have years of experience and a genuine willingness to share the lessons learned from that experience with others.

You can find out more about the book and download your free copy on Milt’s blog: The Rebuilders.

Get your copy today and take the next steps in The Journey!

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    Deb Cunningham
    April 11, 2016 at 5:36 pm

    Hello dear Bridgette. We met in Southern California. I fell in love. So blessed to find where our Lord is planting you. You are precious.

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