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Sharing New Wine

You are my wineSKIN.  I live and breathe and have my being inside of you (Col 1:27).  It’s inside of you that I am doing my greatest work; my masterpiece (Eph 2:10).  I am transforming you into my image from the inside out.  I have quickened your spirit with my Spirit and now I am in the process of transforming your soul and eventually your body (1 Cor 15:42).  I am renewing your mind, emotions, and will by saturating your inward parts with my wine, my life.  Know that my wine is not only a redeeming wine but it is also a transformational wine.  As I changed mere water into wine, so I am changing you into my image, reflection, and expression as you behold me (2 Cor 3:18).

~ Milt Rodgriguez in New Day

The “body of Christ” is not a metaphor; it is a reality.

Together, we make up the skin, the body of Christ in the earth today.  He is the Head; we are the body.

We are the container, the vessel that carries the highest life in and to the world today.

Jesus is creating a masterpiece inside of you.  And talk about a masterpiece!  He is creating a living, breathing, spiritual house – made without hands – that is meant to hold, to savor, and to share the new wine.

If we are not fitted together tightly as brothers and sisters in Christ, we will not be an adequate wineskin.  The wine will be spilled and useless.  It is as we grow together, as we sharpen each other in love, as we accept and cherish each other, as we refuse to see anything other than Christ in each other that we become the suitable container full of rich wine.

This is no easy task, but I believe that this is (and always has been) the move of God in the earth today.

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    June 28, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    Hey thanks brother. This was truly beautiful. As I read those scriptures quoted/used by Milt in the excerpt, I was truly moved. I couldn’t help to think of the very first miracle Jesus did-at a wedding of course, where He used jars of clay that once held water that was then turned to wine. An incredible revealing in that moment of this very move of God in the earth, to have us as earthen vessels to carry His Life blood to be poured out as a free gift to all the wedding guests!
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