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Seeing Christ on Friday the 13th!

A couple of weeks ago (Friday the 13th of May), I decided to deal with a bee problem that I discovered in the backyard outdoor fireplace.  Bees had built a hive inside the earthen cavities of the block structure and were entering through a gap between the wood roof section and the top of the block. I have a bee suit, but rather than hassling with getting it out of storage in the closet and putting it on, I thought… yeah… I could just wait until well after dark when the hive was asleep (say like 10pm) and then seal the gap preventing them from ever entering into the outside blue sky realms ever again.

For weeks I was hoping they would just leave (as they did last year) because bees are really, really, good for the ecosystem. But I had waited long enough. So, I got my caulk gun and flashlight ready. It was a good plan and would have worked EXCEPT…  there were just a handful of (maybe a dozen or more) sentries* clustered tightly with each other on the outside of the gap. I thought they were sleeping… They weren’t!!! As I proceeded to fill the gap quickly with adhesive, these little guys got their gyros spun up in a hurry and attacked me in a frenzied, turbocharged hypersonic Cloud of holy aggression! You wouldn’t believe the trumpet roar from just a handful of these little dudes! At that moment I wished I had put the bee suit on. While I was only stung once, I dropped the caulk gun and fled rapidly to the house. Once safe, I wondered what the Lord was showing me about Himself.  So here goes…

I had just read Milt Rodriguez’s latest blog article earlier that day (Friday the 13th), and so here’s the thought: God has always had a remnant throughout the ages (Judges7) (Rom 11:4,5): a small band of people that know how to live in the heavenly realms and maintain the testimony of the heavenly vision (Acts26:19): the mystery: the eternal purpose: the “lettuce” of God:

IMG_1582“Let Us”… create a visible realm in which we can enlarge the dance of Our wonderful triune fellowship to a chosen created entity within that visible realm. And so the Master Architect created. First He created the invisible realm packed full of images of who He is. Then He created the visible realm to amplify that again. And so within the visible creation He created images of Himself. One of those images depicts the nature of Himself to lovingly pour out all of Himself into the Son and the reciprocal nature of His Son in loving response to pour out all of Himself back into the Father (Jn14:10, Jn17:5). The flux of this pouring out is the heavenly Altar of the Spirit. It just so happens that I have a backyard earthly image of this Altar. It is the fireplace (depicted in the image here) where timber is consumed by fire and reflects that pouring out dynamic.

The swarm of bees that once lived and moved and had their being in the heavenly realms found their rest and colonized inside the earthly image of the heavenly Altar. But darkness came and many fell asleep. In spite of the sleeping state inside the “earthly realms” of the vast majority of the body of Christ (most are captive to the worldly realms, i.e Egypt, and/or the counterfeit religious systems, i.e. Babylon), there has always been a remnant: a stream of those maintaining the testimony of the heavenly vision (Judges7,Rom 11:4, 5): those that have learned to dwell in the heavenly realms even in the times and seasons of the night. Like the killer bee sentry, they mount up with wings as eagles, they live in the heavenly realms. They cluster together in community around the Gap (Christ our heavenly portal Gen28:11).  He has “chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong (1Cor1:27).” In Christ-centered community, the testimony of a small but turbocharged cloud of trumpet-wielding light-bearers are expressing and revealing the Lord in the heavenly realms to principalities and powers. Unfortunately, in this case, I was metaphorically playing the role of those “principalities and powers in the heavenly realms” (Eph3:8-12).  Under any other circumstance I could singularly squish any one of those bees, but in community, even a small cloud of those little dudes are something else! What a corporate testimony they have in the unseen heavenly realms!  Ouch!

Interesting, too, that the one and only sting I received was on the inside of my right wrist. The “right hand” always speaks of power and authority. A bee, motivated inside the small, but powerful, communal cloud, hit me right where it counted: on the right hand (that was the hand pulling the trigger on the caulking gun in order to close off the portal).  As I dropped the caulking gun (Col2:15) and ran into the house, the bee, energized by the cloud, had given his/her life for the testimony (Matt16:24) (a honey bee will die shortly after stinging). Needless to say, I could not occlude the Gap with the adhesive. As a result, in the light of the next day, traffic and commerce continued flowing between the seen (earthly) and unseen (heavenly) realms (from the perspective of the bee hive inside the block).

I want to encourage you who are reading this that you are living in the reality of what I’ve described.  And, though it seems the majority of the body of Christ is sleeping in captivity, the heavenly trumpet call from the hypersonic cloud of the few standing in the Gap (our Christ: the Gateway/the Conduit/the Ladder/the Portal/the Narnia closet, …) is eventually the roar to awaken the hive from her slumber.  The testimony of the Eternal Purpose and His vision is perpetuated in the strength of the Cloud of the remnant community and makes a huge difference/impact in the heavenly realms. Gotta tell you guys… that Roar was crazy scary to me as I unwittingly played the metaphorical role of the “principalities and powers” impacted on that frightful night of Friday the 13th!

*Sentry bees are a characteristic of killer bees: 90% of the bee colonies in AZ are Africanized.

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  1. Reply
    Mark Lake
    June 7, 2016 at 9:11 am

    This is both funny and amazing to picture this scene! Thanks for sharing. I’m so thankful for the remnant.

    P.S. – I think local bee farmers will remove a hive for you if you can find someone.

  2. Reply
    June 7, 2016 at 9:16 pm

    Tim! This is AWESOME!! What an incredible image- that mighty roar of the community/remnant and the one giving up its life to sting the right hand!! Wow!! Thank you brother for this incredible unfolding insight!!

  3. Reply
    Ben H
    June 10, 2016 at 3:26 am

    Another glimpse of something heavenly. Wow, great job Tim. I’m amazed at how clearly you saw the Lord in this! I love that the bees knew to attack when the ‘principalities and powers’ (symbolised by you) tried to close off the Gap (Christ). That says something great about healthy Christ-centred community – when the enemy tries to remove our dwelling in Jesus, we go to war, being willing to die so that the entire hive continue abiding in Him.

  4. […] that same love flow that exists within ekklesia.  The enemy would like to disrupt that flow (see Friday the 13th), but there is no stopping it. Christ is risen. And He lives in you and me. We have been invited […]

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