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Seeing Christ in the Transformer


  1. make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of.

One of the ways the Lord transforms us is through stepping up and beholding Him (in corporate expression). Images of the reality of the person of Jesus Christ who indwells us are imprinted throughout the fullness of every aspect of His artistry in the visible creation. What we see in the visible realm is but an image and shadow of the reality of He who dwells in the invisible realm. We can even see Him in the “creation(s)” of man. For example, when driving down the road I see Him as the narrow way, the road set before us, the path of righteousness. When I see the telephone poles that parallel the road I see His work on the cross to obtain a bride for the Son, a house/dwelling for the HS, and a family for the Father: His eternal purpose. And, when I see the high voltage transformers attached to some of the telephone/powerline poles I am reminded of how he transforms our lives throughout the length (road) of our lives.

Let’s take a peek inside the workings of a modern transformer. A transformer takes advantage of certain principles and “character”-istics the Lord has imprinted of Himself into the visible creation we live in. In this case, when electricity flows through a wire it generates a magnetic field around the wire. This is called electromagnetism. Introducing an alternating current through a wire, this field can be used, when the wire is wrapped in ‘beholding’ loops called “turns” around an iron core (a picture of our true iron, our true core: Christ), to induce an alternating magnetic flux within the core. Tapping into the magnetic flux induced from the current flow through the primary windings of the primary wire, a “step up” or “step down” voltage level transformation can be realized by tapping a secondary wire with different winding quantities across the core. (Note: In long range transmission lines (upwards of 750,000 volts) it is far more efficient to operate at higher voltages with corresponding lower currents to stave off the effects of conductive resistance experienced across the long lengths of transmission. (It’s a V=iR thing if you remember Ohms Law in your high school physics.)

Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your (corporate) mind, so that you (y’all together) may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

This simple schematic of a step-up transformer is a graphical representation of just how the corporate mind is renewed (=increased voltage) through the activity of increased “beholding” of the Lord:


Think of the magnetic flux induced from the AC current flowing through the primary windings/loops/turns as a level of “beholding” of the Lord. Across the secondary circuit, increasing the level of beholding (an increased number of windings/loops/turns) yields higher (increasing/renewing) voltages (mind of Christ): the step up transformer.

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