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Seeing Christ in the Rapture

Because the Lord is coming back this weekend I thought I would write one last article before then. As we all know, sometime this weekend the stars will align to yet another sign of our soon and coming Christ, the King of the heavens and the earth. I can’t tell you exactly which day or hour because we are all in different times zones, but first things first: an important safety tip: some preparations have to be made: drink plenty of liquids, and make sure you have plenty of tissues in your pocket, because when you see Him, when you behold Him, when you see His glory, you no doubt will be flooded with tears of absolute joy. The enraptured heart of His ekklesia will be so consumed with her Lord’s magnificence that in that vortex of His all consuming love, she will be caught up with Him in His clouds of glory. She will be overwhelmed with the magnitude and magnificence of the unfathomable height and depth and length and width of Her Lord as the new life He brings into view is literally birthed in and through her enraptured life. This is what we have been waiting for. This very week, the ekklesia will be taken up into the heavenlies all over the world as her voice sings in enraptured glory while dancing in and through the flowing white clouds of His Spirit. She, clothed in glorious white garments prepared for Her, will proclaim her enraptured love for Him as she sees Him face to face. As she beholds His glory, she will rain out infinite expressions of Him as diverse and unique as one of a kind snowflakes combining to form glaciers so massive as to move mountains and shape valleys.

While she is caught up as an enraptured vessel, she will pour out all her love into Him as He sings to the Father through her enraptured life and pours out all His love into the Father. She will meet Him in the clouds of witnesses between heaven and earth. She, taken up into the clouds of His glory, will be the visible expression of the invisible Lord who indwells her.

Have a wonder-full weekend, and we’ll see you guys in the clouds.

PS I’m thinking about writing my next article on the cool new sport that is really catching on. It’s called Cloud Bouncing. It’s really fun. Stay tuned on this channel.

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    Louise, Cardiff
    September 24, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    Looking forward to it!!!

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