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Seeing Christ in the Flux Capacitor

Roads? Where we are going we don’t need roads (Heb10:16). For this installment of Movies in March we will look for Christ in the movie “Back to the Future.” The movie is rich with images and types of Christ, so put your Son-glasses on and let’s take a look at a few.

The story centers on the “super” natural ability of a special car to transcend the dimensions of time. The car runs on ordinary gas (fossil fuel laid down from an ancient garden: a picture of the true Garden who laid down His life for us) to move about in the three geometrical dimensions. But, inside this special car is a key feature that is described as the ‘flux capacitor’ which enables it to move freely within the fourth dimension of time. This flux capacitor inside the car (Jn14) is “what makes time travel possible.” It has three segments that intersect into one single glowing element (Rom8:11). The car is constructed of earthly material, but it behaves supernaturally if two conditions are met: it has to be moving at 88*miles per hour and at the same moment be saturated in the energy flux of “1.21 giga-watts of electricity” (likened in the movie to the power of a bolt of lightning). Through the blinding light of atomic energy (the Father) and moving (the Spirit) at 88 miles per hour, the car (the Son) can transcend realms of time.

The protagonist Marty, is taken back in time, to another realm, to the days before his parents even met, but first, the inventor must die (a picture of Christ). After the scientist is pierced (with bullets) to death, Marty then jumps into the car (see the new birth series) and is instantly transferred into another realm. It’s a realm before time as he knew it. A time before his parents even met, an eternity past. He discovers the reality (truth) of how things were before he or his siblings were even conceived. But the moment he steps outside of the car (Christ), things start getting all messed up. The audience gets a glimpse of how messed up things can get, especially when they see Marty’s siblings fade away.

He searches for and finds the inventor. It’s here that the inventor, living in the realm of the past, steps in. The inventor has a plan (hmmm). He even builds a model to show how he will return Marty back to the future. He shares with Marty about the work that must be done: Marty’s mother must fall in love with his dad (a picture of Christ and the Bride) or Marty ‘is history.’ After George (his dad) single-blow punches out the antagonist (Biff) (the single blow to Goliath: the singular work of the cross), he has the attention of the bride-to-be. And with his right hand he lifts her from her fallen state and escorts her to the dance hall where they “kiss and fall in love.”(Col1:13)

When Marty arrives back to the future (after being a week in the past), he sits mourning at the feet of the slain inventor. But then, the inventor awakens from the dead and reveals the scarred breastplate beneath his white garments (hmmm). The next morning (an eighth day) Marty awakens to a new day where his family is transformed and the antagonist restrained.

That’s the power of the flux capacitor. That’s the power of Love.

*The number 8 represents fullness, completion, a new day, resurrection: the first day of a new week. Christ was raised on the first day of a new week, the eighth day. It represents his super natural body, the church. It was the eighth day when Adam woke from deep sleep to find the woman. It was the eighth day (the first day of a new week) when Christ spoke to the woman at the empty grave. Eight represents perfection, the realm of the infinite. Turn the number eight on its side and you find the symbol for infinity. The number 88 speaks of the eternals, of infinity in both directions, of future as well as past, from the perspective of the present. “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.” (Rev22:13). Eighty eight miles per hour represents the simultaneity of Christ in past, present and future: Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Heb13:8) Eighty eight miles per hour represents the three tenses of salvation, our deliverance: past (our righteousness), present (our sanctification), and future (Christ in you, the hope of glory. (Col1:27)).

Featured Image Credit: “Flux Capacitor” by Flickr user boltron (cc)

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  1. Reply
    R.C. Babione
    March 3, 2016 at 10:36 am

    I love this! Your insight into seeing Christ is certainly helping me to see Christ more and more, brother. Thank you for continually pointing me back to Him. That’s the power of Love!

  2. Reply
    March 3, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    Ha! I just read RC’s reply as I came to write a second reply, because of the afterthought of the theme song for this movie, The Power Of Love. Wow, that’s amazing isn’t it? The flux capacitator joined, the lightening, the speed of eternity is the power of Love! Oh, wow. And the song was by Huey Lewis and the (GOOD) News! ha ha! Proclaiming the gospel!

    1. Reply
      March 6, 2016 at 9:26 am

      Now that’s just too cool (the GOOD News)!

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