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Seeing Christ in the Flashlight

Many people these days have experienced the wonder of flying: over the holidays more than 40 million people will fly in just the US alone. For thousands of years we had been without the ability to experience it. But in just a little over 100 years we have seen the technology evolve to the point at which anyone can climb on an airplane and be halfway around the world in a day no matter what the weather conditions (for the most part).

There is a humorous story describing a commercial flight that had landed in Los Angeles and was held waiting on the apron area just short of the gate. After several long minutes, the pilot finally came on the intercom explaining, “Sorry for the delay folks but even though we can take off on time …at night, from New York City in this 300 million dollar machine weighing 750 thousand pounds and move at Mach .75 at an altitude of 40 thousand feet above the surface of the earth, traveling all the way across this country in just a few short hours and safely land …on schedule …at night …in stormy weather, we still have to wait for someone to come with two 99 cent flashlights to guide us to the gate.”

For thousands of years we had been without the ability to walk with God and truly know Him. On Christmas day, we celebrate that 2000 years ago a man for whom we had been waiting, came and glorified His Father through the work of the cross. And still today He continues leading us to the Gate.

Even though we may have had the most incredible experiences in our life with Christ, what matters most in life is not the experiences, incredible as they may be, but waiting on and getting to know our Christ through those experiences: to wait for and know Him who stands with the two candlesticks in His hands. It is He is who brings us to the Gate all the while glorifying the Father.* Do we know Him? Do we know Him in the power of His resurrection on/in the one hand, and on/in the other hand, the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death? Did you know that your life in Christ is actually the working out of His very life in and through you? Talk about ground hog day for Him! This is both from the perspective of the individual as well as the corporate Christ. It is by the means of the illumination* of Himself to and through us that we might attain to the resurrection from the dead. (Phil3:7-10) That’s the protocol in getting to the Gate, no matter what you’ve experienced or what you’ve accomplished. The One Man does it for us. For however long it takes, we will find ourselves waiting on the apron area for the One to give us a revelation of the person of Himself who indwells us: Christ our true Gate, the Goal of Life, our Destiny. Merry Christmas! …Especially to those air travelers who have to wait on the one with the two 99 cent flashlights!

*A flashlight is yet another picture of our triune God: from the reservoir of voltage (The Father) a flow of power (the HS) conducts through a fragile filament (Christ who temporarily laid aside the power of His divinity to become a man) which then releases light**.

**When the atoms in the filament are excited, as current flows through it, the orbital levels of the electrons are raised to higher orbital levels (states). But the nature of the electron is to always want to go to its natural lower orbital state (be humble as it were). And, as it does so, a photon (light packet) is emitted (released). Christ is revealed to us as a man who lives by the life of another (his Father). As the life of another flows through him, he operates in the higher realms (higher orbital states). But like water, his nature is to take the humble and low place. In the process of the electron (Christ) returning to that low place (orbital state), light is released: glorifying the atom (the Father in this case).

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