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Seeing Christ in Little Miss Sunshine

Hey kids; this month’s theme is God’s transformation process, and a great movie to illustrate this is “Little Miss Sunshine.” It’s a comedy that came out in 2006 and has an all star cast that includes Steve Carell, Alan Arken (who got an award for his performance), Greg Kinnear, and Toni Collette. They are a family whose weekend plans get interrupted when they find out that their youngest member: a 6 year old daughter named Olive, gets picked to compete in a beauty pageant to become California’s “Little Miss Sunshine.” The entire movie consists of their journey to this pageant and what happens when they arrive.

If you don’t like curse words or a little dark humor, you may not like it, but I found this movie hysterical. To give you an idea of the struggles of some of them, the brother has just failed at a suicide attempt and the grandfather has a recreational cocaine habit. The 16 yr old son is obsessed with the philosopher Frederich Nietzsche and refuses to talk to anyone.

The journey is one long comedy of errors. Without giving away too much, everybody encounters great loss on the journey and has to suffer. Much like our journeying with Jesus, we often have things we must lose in order to progress in our journey with him.

Moreover, in order for the little girl/church to be fully displayed, we must journey with people that are very different than us, and these differences often grate on our nerves. I was speaking with a brother recently who relayed that when it’s just him and Jesus, everything is smooth: they’re on the same page and things go easily. However, he knew that JC wanted him to be with other people to help him understand that He uses them to reveal his weaknesses and need for Him.

Towards the end of the movie, one of the characters speaks with another about the benefits of suffering and how it usually ends up transforming us into stronger people.

Fair warning: this is not a movie for kids. It has an R rating, mostly for language.

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