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Seeing Christ in Inception: What Is a Kick?

For the next few weeks, basically this next round of posts from each author, we wanted to try something a little different. We’re going to see if we can take a movie and each share something that we see of the Lord in that movie. One movie, more than one post.

We kicked around several different movie ideas, and we honestly never settled on one. The lot fell to whoever was going first to pick the movie. So, I pick the movie Inception. It was one of the ideas tossed around, but it never got much support from the group as a whole. Personally, while Bridge and I own the bluray, I haven’t really seen it very many times. Maybe only two or three times, tops. While I enjoy the movie, it’s one that wasn’t an easy one in which for me to see Christ. In fact, I’ve watched maybe half of it again just before writing this. Since it was one of the suggested ideas, and I sat with the Lord as to which movie to pick, I look forward to reading what the others will have to share on it.

If you haven’t seen the movie, then I’m sure what will be shared over the next few blog posts may contain spoilers. So, if you would like to see the movie and haven’t yet, might I recommend watching it before reading too many of the posts? Or wait, and perhaps what is seen of Christ in the movie will inspire you to see Him while watching it? I am going to write as though you, the reader, have seen the movie. Therefore, here is one way I see Christ in the movie Inception:

The Kick

Granted, no movie, or any shadow for that matter, is a perfect picture of our Lord. They all break down at some point. There is only one true reality: Jesus Christ. That being said, I may point out one way I see Christ in something, and another author may see Christ in the opposite way. This does not negate what one of us sees of the Lord, it simply shows how multifaceted Christ really is. He is the All in all. If we allow Him to reveal Himself to us, then He will. Now, with all these blasted disclaimers, let’s get to it.

In the movie, one of the ways to wake up from a dream, particularly a dream within a dream (within a dream), is with a “kick”. The kick is basically that feeling of falling you get while dreaming. I know I’ve had that feeling several times and have jerked awake only to find that I was indeed dreaming.

(Side note: The other way to wake up from a dream in the movie is to die. Something of the Lord in dying to wake us up to our true reality in Christ? I think so.)

So what’s with the kick? Well, if you remember, the team goes three layers deep. Three levels of dreaming. The time spent in the bottom layer is ten years in dream time. That’s a long time. That’s a deep dream. The kick has to be synchronized across three different dreams, three different levels, three layers. Man, even typing that out I see the Lord: THREE? Hmm…

To Reveal the Real

Let’s go with that for a moment. The Kick – the indwelling Life of Christ – is synchronized across three layers: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Kick is different in each level, but it’s purpose is the same: to reveal the Real. He reveals our real identity in Him. He wakes us up from the dream that is this world and reveals Himself in us and us in Him. Our spiritual Kick is used to keep us grounded in Christ, our real reality. Sometimes it’s a little nudge, sometimes it’s a big push. Sometimes it’s an article we read or a podcast we listen to, sometimes it’s a brother or sister pointing us back to Christ. Whatever the Kick is, it’s purpose is the same across all the levels: to bring us back to Reality Himself, Jesus Christ.

What’s the dream? This world. This world’s systems: political, economical, religious, educational – you name it – they’re all counterfeit. They feel real when we’re in them (I understand that we are in this world, saints, and that it’s real enough, but stay with me here), but they’re all passing away. They’re all. Passing. Away. Do you understand that? We have a reality that is not passing away, and as we abide in Christ, we draw from/live from that reality. The Eternal lives in and through us. The True Reality is expressed through the Church. And when we start to get caught up in the systems and “dreams” of this world, He provides a kick (sometimes in the pants) to wake us back up to His reality. Will we allow Christ to wake us back up to Him?

Alright, there’s my short contribution. Do you have one? Please share in the comments. Perhaps something you see will help spur others to see more of our glorious Lord in this movie.

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    A Spiritual Kick – With Pipe & Pen
    July 6, 2017 at 10:04 am

    […] Anywho, over at, we’re attempting to see Christ in the movie in various ways and all share on it. In other words, we’re all sharing different ways we see Christ in the same movie. Could be rather rich. I’ve got the first post. Here’s the link to check it out. […]

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    Mark Lake
    July 8, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    This is one “kickin” article! Love it!
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