Christ, The Church, The Eternal Purpose

Seeing Christ in His Body


As you have seen in this month’s theme through the writings of our brothers and sisters, another image depicting the church (the ecclesia) is the “body of Christ.” The ecclesia is God’s flesh through which He expresses the life of Himself in the earthly realm which percussively resonates into the heavenly realms (Eph3:10). This is in accordance with the eternal purpose: the enlargement of the divine triune dance to a created fourth that, while not divine, participates in the divine nature: Christ in you’all, the hope of glory.

The purpose of one’s body is to express the “life” that is within it. When functioning properly, your body is a vehicle or “form” through which you can move within an environment for the purpose/function of being fruitful: for a multiplying: for an enlarging of the life that is within. Form follows function and function follows the life.*

Take, for example, the airplane. The airplane has a certain form designed to enable a function: to fly. But without fuel, the plane will never execute its function in spite of even the most elegantly designed form. That’s why fuel is the top item on my pre-flight checklist. Without the “life” of an indwelling power source being “expressed,” the airplane will go absolutely nowhere, in spite of the elegance of the form which was so meticulously designed for the function of flying. When I see the “bodies” of airplanes streaking across the sky, I’m reminded of the “life” that enables them to fly. I’m reminded that living plants, once violently buried into death and now resurrected through pumped fossil fuels, are now propelling those seated in heavenly places.

It is our Christ who was killed, buried, and resurrected that is the propelling life of ecclesia: the body of Christ. And His body ecclesia is by Him, through Him, to Him, and for Him: to express His Life.

*For more of the Life along this trajectory, listen to Sunday 26 March 2017 “To the Saints” radio broadcast.

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    March 30, 2017 at 7:14 pm

    Wow!! Christ through His death and resurrection has become the fossil fuel to enable us to soar in the heavenly realms? !! Wow!
    Donna recently posted…Is God Sometimes Invisible? Part 1My Profile

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    March 31, 2017 at 5:07 am

    Wow. I agree. Christ our Propelling Life.

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