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Seeing Christ in Cloud Bouncing

Because of a convergence of several modern technologies, a really cool new sport has been born. It’s called Cloud Bouncing! This new sport is made possible because of a key new invention known as the 5th most profound invention ever designed: the C3RD.

The 1st most profound invention ever designed is the wheel. If it wasn’t for the wheel we wouldn’t have experienced most of what we have seen in our lives. The 2nd most profound invention ever designed is the airplane. With an airplane, one can literally be halfway around the world in a day. The 3rd most profound invention ever designed is the thermos. With the thermos, one can pour hot water in it and it stays hot all day or alternatively, one can pour cold water in it and it stays cold all day. Wow!!!  “How do it know?”  The 4th most profound invention ever designed is the hyperlink… “How do it know?” The 5th most profound invention ever designed is the Cloud Convection Current Rate-Detector (C3RD). The C3RD is what makes it possible to bounce on clouds for up to several hours in one jump depending on how much sustaining kinetic energy is in the cloud structure and the skill of the cloud bouncer.

Here’s how it works:

Sitting in the open doorway of a high flying airplane, a cloud bouncing team, ready to jump at the right moment, is equipped with wing suits, parachutes, helmets, altimeters, and goggles.  They simply point the laser port of the C3RD toward the tops of the clouds.  Utilizing the principles of the Doppler effect while measuring the reflected laser light off of the clouds, and employing patented and highly sophisticated velocity algorithms, the C3RD instrument “judges” the lifting potential of any high energy thermal convection currents within cumulonimbus cloud formations beneath the airplane.  When it detects that the energetic conditions in the cloud dynamics meet certain threshold criteria, the C3RD alerts the team.

Trusting the intelligence of the instrumentation within the C3RD, the bouncers then leap in formation from their places seated in the door of the airplane and into the clouds below. As you can imagine, the unfolding experience is simply glorious.  But staying aloft in the expression of the cloud is not a simple as it looks. The teams have to spend countless hours, weeks, months, and oftentimes years learning a whole new way of moving in unity and honing their navigation skills because it is so different than the ecosystem of the earthly realm. Life within in the clouds is a whole other reality. It’s center is upside down to earthbound minds.

The cloud bouncing team has to be equipped across many dimensions. Literally every moment is committed to keeping their bodies horizontal to the pull of gravity. Each cloud bouncer’s horizontal body becomes the lifting wing with which to stay aloft in the highly energetic convection currents. The more each cloud bouncer and the team stays horizontal, the longer the duration of the flight for the whole team. Sometimes one member of the team may get a bit off balance and it is critical the other team members glide over and support the disoriented one until a horizontal orientation and equilibrium is stabilized. This is a total team sport. Individualistic hot-dogging show-off’s that like to pop-up with their center in other orientations will end up slipping through the thermals and will have to prematurely pull the parachute cords going down to the earthlies.

This sport takes much commitment from the entire team. This takes much, and even daily, practice.  For beginners, there are schools with simulators and experts that will train and assist the cloud bouncers of the future to find their balance and the skills on how to stay in a continuous horizontal attitude. The instructors know when a team is ready enough to be left on their own and be released in formation into the heavenlies. They will even periodically make themselves and their simulation equipment available for seasoned cloud bouncing teams who are looking for periodic refreshing of their skills or take them to even higher skill levels and vistas.

Today, the Lord is bringing into visible expression: body life as described through the crazy metaphor in the paragraphs above. His intent for creating in the first place is to enlarge the living Christ in a people called by His name and who, though living in the earth, dwell in the upside down reality of the heavenlies. He is giving us a peek into the reality of what He has been building in the invisible realm for ages. Brothers and sisters, we have the privilege of living in a day where we can, under the right conditions, enter into a glorious experience of continually living in the ups and downs within the very person and life of Christ. It is an upside down perspective and totally different than the fallen way of thinking. It is a realm of Christ centered continuous living in the clouds of the heavenlies. Like Jacob’s ladder, the angels of God are ascending and descending to/from the heavenly realms through the ladder of Christ’s head and body. And we are Christ’s body in visible living expression.

Today, He is providing us with truly seasoned and experienced cloud bouncers that can teach the art of flying from the perspective of the heavenly realm and unveil the mystery of God (Christ enlarged in living expression through perpetual horizontal one-anothering). These experienced cloud bouncers have been through the hard knocks of body life for years. They know how to stay aloft through the flow and indwelling life of Another: through a balanced “laying down” of individual and corporate lives: it is for Him, through Him, by Him, and to Him.  In Him “we’all” (together) live and breathe, and have our being. One new human: a Corporate 3rd race (a C3RD race): a new humanity. He has equipped us with the C3RD instrumentation of His Holy Spirit to know when to leap by faith into the clouds from our position of standing above in the heavenly realm. We are also equipped with heaven-provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (Christ) so that, in His armor, His life is sustained and enlarged in spite of periodic collisions inside the flow and energetic convection currents of entropic body life. It is about dying daily; a laying down of our lives into His flow for His eternal purpose.

Brothers and sisters…see you in the Clouds,


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    tony in S.A.
    October 3, 2017 at 8:52 am

    ” It’s about dying daily; a laying down of our lives into His flow for His eternal pirpose.” Yes! and Amen! Stay ” IN ” the flow!

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