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Rick and Morty

Hey guys!
I recently started watching a show called Rick and Morty. The premise of the show is that Rick (the older guy) is an alcoholic who is the smartest man in the universe and invents all sorts of stuff for his own amusement. Morty is his 14 yr old grandson who isn’t very smart but acts as a moral compass for Rick occasionally. The show can be irreverent and crass, but sometimes it makes great points.

Case in point, the episode from which the clip comes is one in which the concept of modern day slavery gets presented (not human trafficking; rather the slavery that most of us have by virtue of simply being in the world). Rick has created an entire miniature planet inside his car battery such that the society unwittingly produces electricity which they think is for their own benefit, but really its for Rick’s electronics.

Here is the clip:

Hopefully this all makes sense. In any case, the “superior beings” recognize that while the citizens conduct their daily affairs contented, they do not realize that actually they are enslaved to something they aren’t even aware of. This is concurrent with our actual world of people who have bought in* to the world’s system and simply move along in life, going with the flow. The verse in which Jesus says “he who is not for you, is against you” comes to mind in that He made it extremely clear that following Christ or not following Christ DOES in fact lead to either an advancement or a withdrawal from the Kingdom.

Jesus, in your might power and incredible mercy to us, take of our blinders so that we will no longer live as slaves to the world but rather we would be slaves to righteousness.

All the best folks

* “bought in” being a very generous term, as most people don’t think outside the box enough to make the conscious choice to say “no.” Thank God that He has given us grace enough to!

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