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Resting Place (for Hannah)


In late October of this year, my sister-friend Hannah passed away. She is a beautiful expression of our Lord. I remember when we first met. She effortlessly exuded the sense of home, familiarity and family. To be able to walk together as sisters in community was pure delight.  Hannah’s life has always been and continues to be loving encouragement to me.

In grieving her passing, the Lord kept bringing the song “Resting Place” to me (a song we sing in the church in Gainesville, Florida). I would quietly hum the melody and it brought comfort to me:

“Heaven is My throne and earth is My footstool
Where is the house you will build for Me?
Whom of you will hear the cry of My heart?
Where will My resting place be?

Here, oh Lord, have we desired for You a home
Long have we, desired for You to dwell
Here, oh Lord, have we prepared a resting place
Here, oh Lord, we wait for You alone”

One morning after knowing of her passing, I awoke from sleep with tears of sadness, and as I turned to the Lord, the lyrics of “Resting Place” danced in my heart again. In that moment, the Lord gently brought to my heart His desire to have a resting place–a home in the hearts of His believers–a home among a community of believers expressing Him in the earth under His headship alone. The Lord comforted me that Hannah was peacefully resting at home with Him on the other side of life in this earth, yet still, He offers a place for us to rest/abide in Him here and now too. Only by grace given to have life in this earth do we have an opportunity to offer Christ our hearts for Him to abide in us here and now. We have the blessed gift of Eternal Rest and the Eternal Home that exists before and unto death now and forevermore. What a great God!

Jesus says, “Abide in me, and I in you..” (John 15:4)

Jesus Himself is our refuge, our shelter, and our dwelling place. We have the choice and opportunity to invite the Lord into our hearts where He is welcome to take up residence within us.

What is home? A place where we lay our head to rest. A place of familiarity and family. A place where we feel loved just as we are.  A place to call our own.

Our Father has a great desire to have a home in this earth. A place where His Son, Jesus Christ, can rest as Head of His Body. A place among family where He can freely be known. A place where His mind, His love, and His heart is received for who He is alone. A place He can call His own.

“My beloved is mine, and I am His” (Song of Songs 2:16)

As believers living in this temporary world that’s here today and gone tomorrow, we require a place to eternally rest our hearts, our minds, and our spirits–this resting place is found in Jesus Christ our Lord. He is ours and we are His. As we face the adventures of each day, let’s take time to look inwardly and allow Jesus Christ, moment by moment, to be a resting place in us as we accept our resting place in Him.

Home is where the heart is. May our hearts be consumed with the Person of Jesus Christ.

We love you Hannah Banana…

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    Ken Dawson
    November 24, 2015 at 8:50 am

    We really must live every moment by faith in the indwelling life of our Lord inside of us–otherwise the life we live while here on earth will get us down.

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