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Read Carrie’s Post from Last Week Again


Hey er’body.
16794969011_ebc0eef91f_kRead Carrie’s post again. The one on “Stealing Christ’s Identity.” Seriously. That’s the entire point of this post.

A few days ago I wrote a short blog entitled “I am the true cell phone tower” and in it listed some metaphors that Jesus might use if he walked around in modern times. In submitting it, I had fun and was laughing and even thought to myself that it was a lot more “low brow” than some of the recent posts. I laughed while writing it and perhaps The Lord used it with some of ya’ll. Great 🙂 However, sometimes we can treat blog posts like we treat the nightly news: lots of information/entertainment but not a lot of life change.

We here at desire this blog to be a courier of Life/Jesus, and some of His truths we need to chew on more than just once to more fully digest them.

Having said all that, read Carrie’s post again. May He use her words to transform you into a better reflection of Him.


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