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Instead of talking about new birth, I’d like to talk about the period before the new birth: the time in the womb.

It’s possible that the time a human spends in his/her mother’s womb is the closest time in our lives that we exist in a “pre-fall” state of being. I don’t mean this in terms of one’s spiritual condition for those nine months (nor am I addressing questions like “do aborted babies go to heaven?” as that is not the focus of my thought here…): I am speaking physically and circumstantially. While our physical bodies are effected by the curse, I’m guessing that both before and after the fall, our basic biology and physiology were the same. If that is true, then the way babies are both made and grown would be the same. God told Adam and Eve that he would increase her pain in childbirth, but he didn’t say the process itself would change [sidebar: I think the pain a woman goes through in childbirth is reflective of the pain in God’s heart that this child of his has to be born into such a sinful, fallen, and dangerous world. Just a thought…].

In the womb, there is literally nothing for us to do besides sit there. But what amazing things are occurring! The mind-bogglingly huge amount of growth and complexity that occurs in such a short amount of time simply can not be rivaled by any other nine month period in our entire lives. Nothing occurs at random but rather in a very precise manner and on a very precise schedule. But the baby has no clue of any of this; s/he just accepts the world s/he finds her/himself in. In a womb, everything is wonderful! All you have to do is sit there, rest, grow, and be comfortable. In other words, all you have to do is abide. This is analogous to our life in Christ: the most growth occurs when we are perfectly at rest in Him. This is not vague hyper-spirituality; it is an embracing of the idea that we can do nothing apart from him. The practical tangible working out of this truth is different for different believers. Please consult JC on that one. 🙂

Also, there is perfect unity between mother and child. So much so that the baby and the mother are literally one flesh (via the umbilical cord). Whatever is of the mother (what she eats) is literally what the baby gets physically constructed from.

In a sense, the baby has perfect faith: there is not even the idea that provision will not continue to come. Similarly as a believer grows and sees the Lord provide in various ways (financially, relationally, emotionally, etc…) our faith grows stronger and wider.

Again, everything in the Kingdom is the inverse of the world. In the world, the more mature one becomes, the more INDEPENDENT they are. In the kingdom, the more mature one becomes, the more DEPENDENT they are. I think somebody smart once said “Unless you become like babes, you can not enter the kingdom…” 😉

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    Ken Dawson
    December 15, 2015 at 9:27 am

    Id say thats some pretty good thinkin

  2. Reply
    Donna Batty
    December 15, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    So true Thomas, a great picture of maturing in dependence and rest, full of faith. Love it!
    Donna Batty recently posted…When Jesus Says, Do We Believe Him?My Profile

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