Abide in Christ: May 5th

roadforestsnowAS YOU CAME TO HIM, BY FAITH

Abiding in Jesus can only be by faith. There are earnest Christians who do not understand this; or, if they admit it in theory, they fail to realize its application in practice. They are very zealous for a free gospel, with our first acceptance of Christ, and justification by faith alone. But after this they think everything depends on our diligence and faithfulness. While they firmly grasp the truth, “The sinner shall be justified by faith,” they have hardly found a place in their scheme for the larger truth, “The just shall live by faith.” They have never understood what a perfect Savior Jesus is, and how He will each day do for the sinner just as much as He did the first day when he came to Him.

This was my terrible experience for so long. And it is something that still tries to creep in every now and then. It wasn’t until I started to really see Jesus that things changed for me and I started to live by faith. Not the religious “faith” where I believe God for new cars and a bigger house, for keeping me healthy and not letting anything bad happen to my family, but the faith that sees Jesus as He is and sees what it is that He is doing. The faith that forsakes this world system and finds every need and desire met in Christ Jesus, the person. What a perfect Savior He truly is!!

He saves us to the uttermost.

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