Abide In Christ: May 4th

4810470644_667669664a_oAS THE BRANCH IN THE VINE

Wow.  Wow, wow, wow.  Our Lord is something else, isn’t He?  He doesn’t ask anything of us that He isn’t first willing to do Himself.  “Abide in Me,” He says.  “Oh, and I’ll abide in you.  And by the way, I also abide in the Father.  You’re not doing anything I, Myself, do not do.”  Mind.  Blown.

“Such is the wonderful condescension of the grace of Jesus, that just as His people are dependent on Him, He has made Himself dependent on them.”

“It is His own appointment; and this is the high honour to which He has called His redeemed ones, that as indispensable as He is to them in heaven, that from Him their fruit may be found, so indispensable are they to Him on earth, that through them His fruit may be found.”

“…as neither vine nor branch is anything without the other, so is neither anything except for the other.”

“…for the vine does not live for itself, keeps nothing for itself, but exists only for the branches.  All that Jesus is in heaven, He is for us; He has no interest there separate from ours; as our representative He stands before the Father.”

“Jesus the living Vine in heaven, and I the living branch on earth!  How little have I understood how great my need, but also how perfect my claim to all His fullness!  How little understood, how great His need, but also how perfect His claim, to my emptiness!”

Holy God, You blow my mind!  That You would make Yourself dependent upon us to bear Your fruit on this earth.  That You would choose to do this!  Thank You, too, that You do not expect us to do this on our own nor by our own life.  You give us YOUR LIFE to bear YOUR FRUIT!  Such a beautiful, living union, Lord.  Such a complete union.  Thank you and amen.

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    Bridget Babione
    May 4, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    That He chooses to be dependent on us blows my mind too. How humbling to be given such a high place, but such are His ways. The God of all creation, who contains within Himself all things, has chosen to unite Himself with small, frail humanity. Seriously, WOW.

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