Abide in Christ: May 31st


There is one more thought in regard to this life of the Glorified One, and ours in Him. It is a life of wondrous expectation and hope…The hope of Christ is the hope of His redeemed: “I will come again and take you to myself, that where I am there ye may be also.” This promise is as precious to Christ as it ever can be to us. The joy of meeting is surely no less for the coming bridegroom than for the waiting bride. The life of Christ in glory is one of longing expectation: the full glory only comes when His beloved are with Him.

We have a Christ who is eagerly waiting for us. We have a Christ who is eagerly waiting for us!

Blessed life! “the life hid with Christ in God,” “set in the heavenlies in Christ,” abiding in Christ the glorified! Once again the question comes: Can a feeble child of dust really dwell in fellowship with the King of glory? And again the blessed answer has to be given: to maintain that union is the very work for which Christ has all power in heaven and earth at His disposal.

Holy one, Christ longs to keep you. He is able and willing and simply waiting for you to cast yourself upon Him to be kept. And then to remain in His keeping.

Jesus, The Glorified One.

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