Abide In Christ: May 30th

773872749_7a3ff41012_bAS THE SURETY OF THE COVENANT

WOW.  All caps – WOW.  The book of Hebrews has only recently become so alive to me, and it began to dance from reading this chapter.

“Jesus was made a surety (the guarantee, the pledge, the bondsman) of a better testament (covenant).” ~ Heb. 7:22

What does that mean?  It means God gets a covenant with His people that will not be broken by either party.  He gets His expression, and His people get Him.

“Jesus was made the surety of the better covenant.  To man He became the surety that God would faithfully fulfill His part, so that man could confidently depend upon God to pardon, and accept, and never more forsake.  And to God He likewise became surety that man would faithfully fulfill his part, so that God could bestow on him the blessing of the covenant.  And the way in which He fulfills His suretyship” (cool word, btw) “is this: As one with God, and having the fulness of God dwelling in His human nature, He is personally security to men that God will do what He has engaged.  All that God has is secured to us in Him as man.  And then, as one with us, and having taken us up as members into His own body, He is security to God that His interests shall be cared for.  All that man must be and do is secured in Him.  It is the glory of the New Covenant that it has in the Person of the God-man its living surety, its everlasting security.  And it can easily be understood how, in proportion as we abide in Him as the surety of the covenant, its objects and its blessings will be realized in us.”

Dude.  Seriously.  This New Covenant is better than the old one, because Jesus Christ secures it for both parties – God and man.  It is only as we are united with Christ, abiding in Christ, taken up as members of Christ’s body, that our part of the covenant is fulfilled.  We cannot fulfill it on our own.  In Christ, it is fulfilled.  In Christ, it is completed.  In Christ, it is finished.  Thank You, and Amen!

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