Abide in Christ: May 24th

Obeying His Commandments

The holy life of Jesus, with his feelings and disposition, is breathed into us by the Holy Spirit. The believer’s calling is to think and feel and will just what Jesus thought and felt and willed.

He spoke very distinctly of not seeking to do His own will, as a surrender He had continually to make.

Love will assimilate into your inmost being the commands as food from heaven. They will no longer come to you as a law standing outside and against you, but as the living power which has transformed your will into perfect harmony with all your Lord requires.

Each new surrender to keep the commandments, each new sacrifice in keeping them, leads to deeper union with the will, the spirit, and the love of the Savior.

Thank you Lord that you have placed your very being inside of us, that we may know your feelings, your nature, and your will. It is amazing to think that a whole other person is living inside us. Thank you that you surrendered your will to the Father over and over again. You showed us how to live by the live of another, your Father.  Christ, you are the true food from heaven and you’re the very will of God. Anything you are asking of us you have already done yourself and are willing to do for us when we abide, thank you. We love you!

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    May 24, 2015 at 4:19 pm

    “Anything You ask of us You have already done….” I loved this. Such a comfort. God has given us every capacity and resource in His Son. Amen.

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