Abide in Christ: May 14th

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Let each day have its value from your calling to abide in Christ. As its light opens on your waking eyes, accept it on these terms: A day, just one day only, but still a day, given to abide and grow up in Jesus Christ. Whether it be a day of health or sickness, joy or sorrow, rest or work, of struggle or victory, let the chief thought with which you receive it in the morning thanksgiving be this: “A day that the Father gave; in it I may, I must become more closely united to Jesus.” As the Father asks, “Can you trust me just for this one day to keep you abiding in Jesus and Jesus to keep you fruitful?” you cannot but give the joyful response: “I will trust and not be afraid.”

I was taught as a new christian that I must have an early morning “quiet time”. To really please the Lord it was necessary. To really grow spiritually it was necessary. It was all my own effort and striving, of course, and after a while I would run out of gas and quit having a “quiet time” (basically ritualistic prayer and Bible reading, looking for what the Lord was speaking to me), and then I would really feel bad because I wasn’t being a good christian. Welcome guilt and condemnation.

What a blessed relief to now wake each morning and simply cast myself upon the Lord! To begin each day in surrender and trust, turning my gaze to the Glorious One and receiving what He so eagerly desires to give and do. What freedom and abundance! And as this becomes our life…

We begin to number our days not from the sun’s rising over the world, or by the work we do or the food we eat, but the daily renewal of the miracle of the manna – the blessedness  of daily fellowship with Him who is the Life and the Light of the world. The heavenly life is as unbroken and continuous as the earthly; the abiding in Christ each day has for that day brought its blessing; we abide in Him every day, and all the day.

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    May 14, 2015 at 8:53 am

    To the feeling of being overwhelmed within me:

    The Lord has given me manna for taking care of and providing nourishment for my children today. He is enough in me for them.

    The Lord has given me manna for loving my husband the way He needs today. Christ in me is sufficient, loving and all-knowing.

    The Lord has given me manna for following His leading with caring for my body and health the way He desires. Christ in me is gracious and patient. As I abide in Him day by day, He becomes my discipline day by day.

    The Lord has given me manna for accepting and loving who I am in Him today. Christ in me, by grace, turns from the enemy’s lies and reminds me of His truths and the beauty of my portion. One day at a time, I accept all of who I am in Christ.

    The Lord has given me manna for the season I am in in life right now. As I abide in Him, He becomes my sight, my purpose, my contentment and my teacher day by day.

    Taking one day at a time in Christ keeps from taking this life in Him for granted, keeps from being too consumed with distractions and lies and moves us closer to walking in step with Him as He desires for our journey in being transformed unto His image.

    Only takes one day at a time…what relief! 🙂

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    May 14, 2015 at 9:15 am

    That’s beautiful sister!!

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